BLOG: August 24. Scrapheap at Inverell next week.

It’s Sunday arvo and I’ve had another big week.

I had to spend a couple of days in Sydney, so that shot a hole in things. I took the KLR suspension down to Nick Dole, and I was hanging around in his workshop. Nick’s a good guy and we’ve known each other a long time. His work is first-class, and his sense of humour is a cracker. His dog Ernie is good value as well.

On this trip Nick had a new man in the workshop, also called Nick, and most of the day was spent with Nick and I telling Young Nick tales of the good ol’ days. Nick Dole and I enjoyed it a lot, but it must’ve been as boring as anything for young Nick – despite his polite claims he was really enjoying the stories. Typically of Nick Dole, he had a million things going on, all at the same time, so although I was there on time and the job was scheduled to take ‘a few hours’, I didn’t in fact get out of there until late that night.

Seeing I was there overnight anyway I went into the office on Thursday.

I scooted back to my desk and frantically tried to catch up on Friday, and on Saturday morning I had breakfast with the Triumph guys. They were here for a national RAT ride, and over 200 punters braved the miserable weather for test rides, a stunt rider, a mystery ride and a couple of days discussing Triumph. Triumph riders are always a great bunch of people, and I always enjoy Triumph functions. As always, Marketing Manager Mark Berger and Dealer Manager Brendon Roberts rolled out the red carpet, so it was a short but very pleasant breakfast. After that I bolted home to put the suspension back in the KLR. It’s done.

So the bike’s ready to go for the Scrapheap ride this coming weekend in Inverell. I’m still not certain I’ll make it, but I’m going to try. If I get there, I’ll have to either trailer up Friday night, or just ride up at dawn on Saturday. Chris Laan has a route up and back planned, and he’s always keen have tag-alongs. Give him a shout if you’d like an excellent ride up on Friday and back on Sunday.

I had a commitment last night, and now I’m shagged today. I hope I’m just going to fall asleep in front of the V8s…except I have some work to do at my desk. I’ll attach a pic or two when this massive upload on my desktop is finished.


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