Marty H beats the WRC.

DSC00394 DSC00377 DSC00376With the Coffs Coast Rally on next weekend, Craig and I thought we’d better go out and check over some of the special stages close to home.

There’s going to be some spectacular action deep into these special stages on Friday, and as I commute on some of these rally roads we sussed out tight alternate tracks to bypass the official rally and keep safe while commuting. The tracks were overgrown and blocked by fallen timber and don’t look like anyone has used them for ages. Perfect.

Spectators at official points will have no problems, and by the look of the placement of toilets at connecting main roads security will be thick to keep us safe.

So if you’re riding around Coffs from September 12 to14 (next weekend) don’t forget the rally, especially if you’re using the Dualsport Australia northern NSW routes. The traffic will be terrible. And don’t forget spectators after watching the rally can drive more aggressively.

Be careful, or better yet, bypass the area altogether.

DSC00392 DSC00381 DSC00378


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  • marty on September 7, 2014 at 2:02 am said:

    They work and I have seen them modified with bigger handles for two man work which makes them rip.
    Craig’s bushsaw fits nicely next to the oil cooler on a DR and even better comes with operator and Besides someone has to take photos.

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