Blog: September 8. Doing pipes

It’s been a rushed week, as usual. I spent a few days in Sydney for work, then took a few minutes to bolt the new Barrett pipe to work’s KLR.

It’s two kilos lighter, which I’m happy about, and it’s nowhere near as loud as I expected it to be, which I’m even happier about. I fitted the trail bung and it sounds a little breathy and woofy, but I’m hoping it’ll let the motor work a little harder at high revs than the stock muffler did.

That’s really all I’ve had time for this week. Marty H and Craig Murcott have been out cutting trails (see the post before this one), and the riding in Piney and Bongil must be superb after all this rain, but I won’t get a chance to see it this week either. For the next couple of weeks I’m flat stick with office work and family commitments, and that’s all there is to that.

Still, that’ll take us up to September 20 and the Scrapheap Rally, and that should be a snorter. Those guys are awesome. Dave Ramsay is leading a loop on Saturday – Karen has commitments elsewhere that day – so that should be a brilliant ride all round. I’m still planning on scooting up on Saturday morning and back Saturday arvo. I’ve had a few people say they’re going, but we haven’t set a meeting time and place yet. The Bailley Centre is always a good start for any northbound trip, so lets call it that. I’ll try and find out what time Dave needs us up there and we can work back from there.

That’s all I have for this week. Here’s a pic of the KLR with the Barrett pipe on it…I don’t know that there’s anything too astonishing about it, but it’s shiny and colourful. And I didn’t do any hammering to get it to fit!



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