Scrapheap challenge fundraiser at Inverell.

Dave Ramsay was there and tells the story…

Thirty-four riders tuned in for another great Inverell Scrapheap Team fundraising ride. The effort they put into planning this 300km adventure ride really shone through, linking good rural gravel roads with private farm tracks that varied from rough broken traprock to deep, sandy hill climbs and then lovely soft, black-soil twin track with a good dose of nasty rocks thrown about to keep us all honest.

With the good rain the week before, we crossed plenty of bloody slippery causeways. Four bikes went down and a few others were dropped in one of the tighter rocky gateways (yes, poor clutch control on my part).

Curly’s bush hut was the perfect setting for a fabulous lunch put on by the Graman Hall committee, and a good spot to wrestle with Steve’s Mitas 09 from his XT660R. It was a real bugger to break the bead. Fortunately it was the only flat for the day.

Highlight’s included seeing Pezz ride most of the route on an unfamiliar bike and not able to use the rear brake, and Turbo from Inverell Yamaha taking the Super Ten on its maiden voyage, places it had no right to be with the tyres he was running. Over $1000 was raised for the cause and I reckon most riders had a ball.

The weather was perfect, and we had a couple of great nights at the pub, though we made Saturday night a fairly early one as we left at 6.30am Sunday to sprint home. It was good to see Chris, Dave and Boz up from Coffs, and Warren from Grafton. There’s talk that next year it may be an overnighter, camping out the back of the Graman Pub prehaps.

Saturday, September 20th

We’ll do a Scrapheap Loop ride from Nymboida, depending on sore heads and running repairs to some of the ol’ dungers that may need open-heart surgery to recover from their various adventure rides just to get to Nymboida (I guess I’m referring to the bikes!).

We hope to get underway about 10.00am, have a lunch stop at Copmanhurst, then back to camp by around 4.00pm. It’s not too late to jump on the site and register and come and camp for a couple of nights. Since Karen can’t go I have a spare single bed in my cabin If someone wants it.

Dave R.

Dave sent a few pics. Here they are as they came in…

Awesome scenery.

Awesome scenery.

Bike trailer makes a good bike stand.

Bike trailer makes a good bike stand.

Pick a pony.

Pick a pony.

Rocky ledge-thing...with bikes in front of it.

Rocky ledge-thing…with bikes in front of it. No wait! It’s the same as the scenery one, but correctly exposed. Sneaky work by Dave.


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