Good as gold.


It had already been a good week. A huge parcel turned up with a set of top-secret prototype wheels for DRs, complete with tyres. Being the understanding type I’d already taunted Phil and Craig with them. The look on Phil’s face as I prised the brand-new wheel out of his hand was priceless.

Early testing went well. On the first ride the B-double log truck gave me some room. He must’ve thought I was someone important because of my glowing wheels. Then an attractive young lady bent forward and smiled as I slowly blinged past, trying to play it cool by pretending to hold a small dog, but was probably worshipping the wheels glowing in the morning sun (girls like golden things apparently), and to top it off I arrived at work early.

So, in summary, the wheels have proved safer, made me more attractive to the opposite sex and a faster rider. Let’s hope future more-thorough testing doesn’t bring these results into doubt.

The best bit is it makes my bike look good and you get them yet.

To Nymboida

With a 730 start, with or without riders, planned it was worrying that Phil and Trev hadn’t turned up to join Tom, Craig, ‘Not Mean’ Dean and I for the run to Nymboida to check out the Scrapheap Rally. But just as I reluctantly called, “Let’s go!” they rolled in to fuel up.

Whether it was two more DRs or the extra delay, but something gave Not Mean Dean the shits, which he dealt with somewhat uncomfortably.

o20000D_DSC00717At 7.45 we headed off straight into the fun Englands Road section. The dust had been kept to a minimum by overnight rain but traction was superb if you kept out of the bog-holes.


Tom showed he was ready to bog in and get down and dirty from the start and it looked a bit suss when the rest of us rode around the puddle. It was in fact Tom going the extra effort for some photos of him on the bike for the mag. Unfortunately, unlike the pros at Adv Rider Mag this was the best I could do.



With time being short and Phil hovering close behind poised to clean me up on Pine Road (like usual) I attacked the start with gusto which worked well until the second erosion mound. As I launched the DR off the top I was shocked to find road maintenance had carved out a huge void on the backside, its deep, red hollow gave me time to brace before slamming into the upside of the ditch.

The hard, jarring landing made everything ache. Maybe this is why they gave me the wheels for durability testing. The 18 inch rear hadn’t bottomed out as badly as I’d feared, and if that didn’t rip the rear guard off nothing would.

But Phil was coming, and despite a valiant attempt he launched past me. Craig, seeing blood in the water, launched past soon after, conducting a little frame-bracing R&D himself on landing, and went on after Phil.

Good as Gold

A photo opportunity that matched the KLR proved irresistible, but other than that, we barely stopped.

Utilizing my minimalist, corner-man style with resets rare kept things flowing in the dusty conditions.


The scrapheap rally was cool, bikes from memory lane had riders reminiscing about their first bikes like some might reminisce about first girlfriends, scary contraptions and more inspirational people proving obstacles to riding can be overcome with dedication and a little Aussie innovation.

Dave, without Karen to keep him in line, was full of cheek. His ‘easy-to-hide-behind’ comment has me outing him for telling all and sundry that he now had a proper bike with a new DR at home too.

After watching them all roll out, we headed off for a little adventure. With Gibbo unable to come today we were able to throw in a hard, tight, fast arvo. The big bike just wouldn’t have been able to handle or keep up the pace.

o200151_DSC00798After a brilliant run around Boundary, Phil took over the lead and the fun really started. The tracks tightened up and the dicing started. Often you could throw a blanket over Trev, Craig and I as we pushed and shoved, splashed, cut off, leaned on and scaped our way through places a DR shouldn’t fit. We were trying it two abreast. Too much fun.

dscf0124More grassy trails followed then back into the single-track.

dscf0126Phil took us along tight creek sections which Not Mean Dean loved. he’s usually stuck riding with a 990 and that meant he often had to ovoid fantastic areas like this.

dscf0133The single trail went for ages, winding its way through the open bushland. Trev enjoying a moments peace from a mad laughing loon.

dscf0130Phil even took us places a track might have been or where he though one should be, great fun until someone gets hurt.

Down a steep downhill of tight single I was harassing Not Mean Dean, who wasn’t very keen after an earlier soaking of puddle water, when I found a opening just big enough…for my front wheel. What Not Mean Dean thought was me beeping my horn to get him to move over was in fact done with my boot on the way over the bars.

Good as Gold.

Not very good at gymnastics at school, my headstand-to-a-backward-roll is still improving with age.

Cutting Cain

But you have to be impressed with the way I threw myself into product durability testing. And by the way, Cain, that’s two rides now and no flat spots on ether wheel, which means they are much stronger than 990 front wheels.o200169_DSC00804


At the bottom of the hill was a secluded little area by the river where we feasted on snakes and other snacks or a packed lunch if you were Phil.

A great day


Thanks for A fantastic ride, which had us jumping with joy, a fantastic crew that doesn’t mind a bit of fun and most of thanks Phill for letting me loose in the pack.

A better ride I can’t remember thanks to a few cows. Only kidding: we missed you Gibbo.

Marty H

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  • Gibbo on September 21, 2014 at 5:35 am said:

    Well, Marty this is why they call you “Hardcore” I guess! I’m glad you had a good ride because I wasn’t able to make it, but I had do do some work after 6 weeks holiday.But next ride I’ll lead and bring the 450 and see how you cope! LOL Anyway looks like it was a fun ride even Dean rubbed in and said how good the trails were just a shame there were to many dunny rolls(DRs) in his way slowing down the KTM
    Keep the dream alive!

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