Blog: October 13. Farewell TrailZone


It’s Sunday night and I’ve been riding in Tasmania this last week. It’s one of my favourite places in the world, but it rained pretty much the whole time and was fairly cold. And for the first time ever my Klim suit leaked. It does have a few holes in it, so it’ll have to be replaced.


I was on a current model BMW F800GSA, so the bike and terrain were fabulous, and I was riding with a good group, so it was still a pleasant week, but I had a lot of camera problems and the lack of light made everything much worse.

I picked up the bike in Melbourne and took it across on the Spirit Of Tasmania, which I always reckon is a great experience, but I was able to leave it at the Launceston BMW dealership, and that meant I could fly home and save a day’s travel.

So that was all good.


Clubby’s magazine TrailZone has folded after 10 years. That’s a shame because he’s a good mate and a very professional publisher. On the reverse side of the coin, he’s a very smart operator, and I’m fairly sure he didn’t close the magazine because it wasn’t doing well. Good on him, I say, and I’ll be watching keenly to see what he and his wife Tania tackle next. They’re a very sharp pair.

The Dominator’s leaking fuel again!

I don’t know what’s going on there. It has a new needle and seat, so I guess I’ll have to get it back to Dan Vaughan and see what he can figure out. I bet it’s something very simple and I’m just too dumb to figure it out. Craig Murcott took the seat to fit a new cover yesterday, so it’ll have to wait until that’s done.

Marty H has sent some sneak previews of his second disc. I haven’t had a chance to open them yet, but it’ll be available in time for Christmas. Good work by Marty. You’ll be able to buy it here on the site, but you know Marty’s going to pester the bejesus out of you when he next sees you whether you’ve bought one already or not, so maybe best to wait.

I have a nice e-mail here from Karen Ramsay – who I haven’t seen to for ages – and it looks as though there’s a little going and froing going on over the new DR650 at her place. That makes me smile. Both she and Dave have great European bikes, but the good ol’ DR650 seems to be showing its worth again. It’s a great bike in any company, and once people get a little time it, they all seem to realise just what a star it is.

I’m a long, long way behind with work now after a week away, so I’ll be well under pressure for the next couple of weeks. If anyone has any riding going on and they’re looking for others to join them, make sure you let us all know.


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  • Karen on October 12, 2014 at 9:31 am said:

    Dave & I have had a couple of great weekend rides to celebrate him being officially old, and that fact that we’ve been married to each other longer than we’ve been single. We’ve taken it in turns to ride the different bikes, although I reluctantly handed over the DR to Dave for the weekend. It’s nice to have my husky back after such a long time. Making up for lost time and putting a few ks on it before my work gets too hectic.

  • Meg on October 15, 2014 at 12:43 pm said:

    I’ve been loving my little DRZ lately too. Pottsy found and then fitted a 20L acerbis tank to my DRZ250 the other week. We went for a test ride up around Nymbodia, Dalmorton and Guy Fawkes NP on Sunday. Just over 300km and I came home with half a tank of fuel still – winning! Looking forward to getting some longer rides under my belt now. (Not to mention how much sexier the little bike looks now too).

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