Blog: October 20. There’s something suss about those Bridgestones

I just watched the MotoGP…or tried to watch it. It’s been a tough weekend and I was struggling to stay awake. There must be something a bit suspect about the Bridgestone fronts the guys were using. I could understand even a rider like Marquez having a momentary, miniscule error of judgement that brings him undone, but all those guys? In the same race?

It seems not credible to me.

It’s been a standard week at my desk, so I haven’t any real tales to tell today. The Dominator and work’s KLR are both starting to look a little weighed down with cobwebs. I guess something will come up for one or the other of them soon enough. I new Trail Tech digital speedo/tacho showed up for the Dominator on Friday, so as soon as Craig Murcott has some free time I’ll get him to to do one of his sensational fabrications and get it fitted. I spoke to him about it last week and he started talking about a carbon-fibre blank to replace the current speedo and I got all excited. I had to go somewhere for some quiet time. It was all a bit embarrassing.

I like the standard instruments on the Dominator, but it’s heavy, and the mechanical speedo is a little prone to problems with the nylon drive sprocket when it’s getting dunked in river crossings and then copping dust. It’s one of those things that might work fine for a year, but then might need replacing three times in a month.

Carbon-fibre. Phwoar!

Speaking of Craig, he, Marty H and Lean Dean were heading out for a ride this arvo, so maybe a pic or two will turn up tonight. I’ll post them if they do.

Marty’s second disc must be all but done. He’s chosen a cover and had some mock ups done, so it must be close. I hope it’s as good as the first one (I’m sure it will be). It’ll be a bummer that I won’t be able to just go out on a Saturday morning and follow the pink lines on the second disc, being as how it’s mainly up in the New England and central NSW area, but it’ll be brilliant to have standing by if I ever get up that way. And I can still use the trails on the first disc for Saturday mornings. Marty did send a cover mock up, but I’m not sure if he wants me to post it yet. I’ll let you all see it as soon as he gives the go-ahead.

That’s really about all I have to report from this last week.

But looking forward, the next ride I guess we can look to is a run out to Cameron Corner in December.

I’ve outlined this ride before, but now it’s next in line, we should have a look at it so anyone who wants to join us can start planning.

Basically, the idea is to be our around Cameron Corner for the tenth Longest Day, December 21.

Normally we’d leave Sawtell headland at Dawn on December 21, and see how far we can go west before sundown. For various reasons I’m not having a crack at that this year. Instead, Craig Murcott and I are going to head out along the Longest Day route on Probably December 19. We’re planning to run at safe and sensible speeds to make our way to Cameron Corner in time to see some of the fast guys roar through on December 21. We’re going to camp on the way out and back, so we’ll probably do something like Coffs to Bourke on the first day, Bourke to Cameron Corner on the second day, and maybe back to Tibooburra for the night, then Burren Junction on the third night, then home.

There’s nothing set in concrete as far as an itinerary goes, but it’ll be something close to that. The aim is to get to Cameron Corner, enjoy some summer camping, be on the bikes on Longest Day 10, and to enjoy a safe, low-stress ride.

If you’re keen, let me know and I’ll start an e-mail list so we can get organised.

I’ll try and dig up a couple of general pics from the Longest Day route so you can see what we’re thinking of.



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