Blog: October 20. Here it is! Disc two is ready to roll.

Template for DVD coverIt’s been a tough week of work. I don’t think I’ve been away from my desk for more than about 15 minutes at any one time, so I don’t have to any riding to tell you about from my personal point of view.

Ooo! Excvept Craig Murcott’s fitting a digital dash to the Domionator! And it looks INSANELY horn!

I’ll pot pics when it’s finished.

You’re all going to be SO frigging jealous!

Meanwhile, the second, monolithic installment of Marty H’s DualSport Australia disc is finished and being pressed. Be warned: he’s taking orders now. So if you see him on a ride, get your wallet out. Resistance is futile. Just buy one so you can get on with riding.

I’ve only seen bits and pieces of this one, but you can bet it’s every bit as fantastic as the first one, so you’ll be wanting a copy anyway. You can buy it through the site here – somehow. I’m not sure how that works – straight from Marty, or from several of the magazine websites.

That’s as close to commercial as I’m going to get for now.

Again, I tip my hat to anyone who has the backbone to produce and finance something of their own, and Marty’s done it. Twice. Disc three is well under way. I’ll buy a copy just out of respect for what he’s achieved.

If you’re chasing a copy, Marty e-mailled:

“Main stock from Melb due 11th nov but will print locally from the 4th nov to

There you go. If you don’t put one of these in your own Christmas stocking you’re being a fool to yourselves and a burden to others.

Good work, Marty.



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