Blog: November 9. The Dominator will be back soon

It’s Sunday arvo after a busy week.

I was in Sydney for a couple of days, and that worked out well. I had to pick up Scott Britnell’s 690RFR and trailer it down there on the first leg of its journey to the Moto Expo in Melbourne in a couple of weeks. I also took work’s KLR650, so for the first time in a long time I actually have some room in the shed.

I got in there and swept and everything.

The Dominator is still with Craig Murcott for its latest upgrade. Craig texted to say the fabrication and fitting was completed – after a few head-scratchers – but now it needed calibration, and he wants us to both do the calibration together to save time. He didn’t know when he’d have time to do that though, so I’m fidgeting around, busting to get the bike back.

Meanwhile, I actually rode my baby Yamaha cruiser today.

IMG_0224I bought the bike new in 1998, and it still only has 23,000km on it. I have a mate who borrows it from time to time, and he brings it back looking like it’s straight off the showroom floor (so I like him to borrow it. He’s threatening to buy his own. Damn!). The bike still has the tyres that were on it when I bought it.

I recently had Dan Vaughan fit a new shock and service the forks, and it made a huge difference. The old shock was completely shagged, and I expect the forks weren’t any better. Now the bike feels relatively sure-footed and cruises nicely again.

All I need now is time to ride the thing.

That, and it’s looking a little shabby. Now I have the mechanical side of it back up to par I’ll see if Craig M has any time to start restoring the look of the thing. I normally don’t care about looks, but presentation is 50 per cent of what this bike is about, and it’s proven itself tough enough to deserve the place in the shed and to deserve some care and attention.

I don’t have anything to report again this week. Sorry about that. When work is pressing, that’s just the way it is.

I should have something for you guys next week.




  1. Can anyone else feel a night ride coming up, next time there is a full moon, went out Saturday night, trails were in prime condition , anyone else keen!

  2. Speaking of getting bikes back – the Terra is back home again. We’re off to the beach shortly to test skills and nerves. Hope to have a positive report on the outing 🙂

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