Blog: November 23. Riding is the best.

Juan55BirthdayNov22It’s actually early Saturday afternoon, but I’ve been out on my own bike, mostly alone, on a near-perfect Saturday morning. Even though it’s early, it’s a good time to scribble a few words (while I feel so good).

I loaned one of my bikes to a mate so he could go riding with a friend of his, so I jumped on the Dominator and followed David – on the Yamaha cruiser – into Coffs for the rendezvous. Then the three of us headed out toward Coramba. I peeled off at the Ulong turn and went up through Ulong and along the Lower Bo Bo Road – or Upper Bo Bo Road…I forget – while the other two continued on to Grafton. The weather was perfect and the bike felt fantastic, so I really enjoyed the morning. The digital gauges work a treat, except I still don’t have the calibration of the tacho right. I’ll fiddle with it later. It’s not difficult to set and I’ve obviously missed something important.

The panel has shift lights built in, which is a bit wanky, but they’re there, and they make me smile and feel like I’m all caught up in high performance and everything. I figured I may as well have them working properly. Of course, they indicate it’s time to shift up or down according to the information supplied from the tacho. So all morning it’s been flashing warning lights at me and screaming, “She’ll nae take it, Captain! She’s gunna blow!”

So I need to sort that out.

I dropped in to Juan’s for a coffee, and it was his birthday. Not only his birthday, but he’s just opened a new cafe in Glen Innes, and it’s going well. He was his usual colourful and happy self, and I always leave there with a big smile. The coffee was a rich and creamy as always and there’s a couple of new bikes on display in there as well, so that was a pleasant stop.

On the way down the mountain I stopped in at Carl Foster’s funeral service. I arrived at around 10.45am and the church was already full, and so was the marquis outside, pretty much. There were parking attendants directing traffic and signs up to send people in the right direction in town. There were a lot of people there. It was great to see someone held in such high regard by so many people, even though it’s a sad occasion. I couldn’t see Cousin Matthew and Cousin Chris, but I was pretty sure they’d have had their hands full. I stayed a little while then headed home.

I have a busy week with work and family commitments this coming week, and then it’ll be December…time to get serious about Longest Day, even though I’m not actually riding the Longest Day event itself.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to ride work’s KLR650 – if it’s back from Melbourne Moto Expo in time – and I’m still planning to leave on Friday, December 19, aiming for Bourke that night, Tibooburra via Cameron Corner for Saturday night, then home on either Sunday 21 or Monday 22.

I see a few riders on saying they’re having a go again this year, including Mick Crutch and his son, so there should be some fast guys to dodge on the 21st.

At the moment it’s Craig Murcott and I, camping each night. Let me know if you want to join us so we can sort out a meeting point and so forth.


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