Blog: December 14. Longest Day is go.

IMG_2083After a great deal of indecision and messing about it looks like I get to take the Dominator out to Cameron Corner this weekend. Yay.

I was planning to take work’s KLR, but it fell off the trailer on the way back from the Melbourne Moto Expo. Damage is supposedly ‘light’ and limited to bent ‘bars and a smashed screen. My boss was to pick it up last Monday, and I was going to Sydney to grab it from him on Tuesday, but he didn’t pick it up. By the time we got to Wednesday his trailer was full of junk, and he said after he’d been to the tip this weekend he’d pick it up for sure.

So even if I had time to go get it this week – which I don’t – it still needs to be repaired, and we leave Friday morning. I decided to just let the KLR go until the new year. That means I get to run the Dominator, and I like that, even if it doesn’t have a 30-litre tank.

This isn’t a true Longest Day run, so between the Acerbis tank and the fuel bladder, I reckon I’ll be doing it comfortably. I’ll nurse the bike a little too. Last time I took it out there I hammered it a bit and it felt the stress. I’ll just cruise along and enjoy what should be a few days without the pressure of work…although I’ll photograph everything, just in case.

I have family commitments for the fortnight following the Longest Day ride, and then it’s back to work.


Okay, last chance for anyone wanting to tag along. I’d say we’ll rendezvous at the Wimpy at around 5.30am Friday morning. If you’re there, you’ll be welcome to tag along.

I’ll let you know how we got on next week. I won’t be back until Monday or maybe Tuesday, so the blog will be late.

Merry Christmas to everyone – in case I don’t get to log on before then – and thanks for a great year. It’s been another cracker. 2015 looks even better.

See you there!


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  1. go the dominator , ” age shall now weary them – or the years condemn ” it’s a true soldier !

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