Blog: January 4. A new year.

Marty snapped a cracker pic of the Dominator in action.

Marty snapped a cracker pic of the Dominator in action.

Hey everyone. Welcome to a new year.

I missed blogging last week, but I expected everyone would either not notice because they were on holiday, or figure that I’d decided to take a holiday. In fact, I was so busy with family commitments I didn’t realise I’d forgotten to blog until Wednesday, and by then I decided I may as well let it go for a week.

And now here we are. A new year, and I suppose there are plenty of people with new year resolutions. I hope they all go well.

First up from, in the spirit of disclosure, Marty HC has offered me a chance to be involved in his discs. Naturally, I jumped in. So now I have a commercial interest in the Dualsport Australia discs. That doesn’t mean I’ll be saying they’re the best things to happen to dual sport riding ever, just because I’m involved. I’ll be saying it because it’s true.

To kick off the year, we secured a deal to plan the route for the media release of the upcoming Triumph 800XCX Tiger. We’re pretty proud of ourselves…although I don’t have anything to be proud of. Marty’s doing all the work.

After planning everything using spooky ‘technology’, Marty decided we should go and ride some of it to see how things looked. It’s Saturday arvo now and I’m just back from Taylor’s Arm, and I can report the first leg of the Triumph route looks frigging awesome. I was riding the Dominator, and on that bike everything seems awesome, but Marty’s done a sensational job for the Triumph people. They’re going to love it.

It was a curious ride, though. Marty seemed determined to leave one or other of his blinkers on the whole way from Coffs to Taylor’s Arm. He made up for it by waving his arms and legs around all over the place. Once I learned to ignore the blinkers, it then became a session of trying to understand what the leg and arm waving meant. While I was considering all the permutations of semaphore and gesture, I rolled up a little too close just as he hit a really shitty mud puddle and got massively filled in! Totally drenched. I even had my visor up, so the inundation was fairly complete – and quite unsavoury from a nasal point of view.

It was a minor setback in a great afternoon’s ride though, capped off with us being too late to get any lunch at Taylor’s Arm. Marty forgot his CamelBak, so he sculled two schooners of cold water before ordering a drink, but other than that it was uneventful.

Continuing the Triumph theme, the weekend of January 10th and 11th we’re going to run the whole course from Coffs to Anna Bay – the access to Stockton Beach – and there’s a fair group going. If you want to tag along let me know.

I’m sure Marty would like to have new people to absorb any excess water he sees on the trail.

It’ll be a quickish ride, so bear that in mind before you join in. We won’t have the luxury or being able to wait for anyone this time.

Always on the job. The clothes pegs aren't very high-tech, but seem to work well.

Always on the job. The clothes pegs aren’t very high-tech, but seem to work well.

Just what was needed on a hot afternoon.

Just what was needed on a hot afternoon.

Those Triumph guys aren't going to have it all their own way. There are a couple of tight sections.

Those Triumph guys aren’t going to have it all their own way. There are a couple of tight sections.

A good finish to a great afternoon's ride...except we were too late for lunch.

A good finish to a great afternoon’s ride…except we were too late for lunch.



  1. They may not be high tech, but they are in Suzuki racing yellow.Available soon in KTM orange for $9.95 pair.
    I will have my normal 60mm route sheets done for next weekend.

  2. Where are you leaving from & what time ? We’re heading to Sydney via the gravel & would like to tag on for part of the day on Sat. Won’t hold you up if ya can get Pottsy to leave some green arrows out. Off exploring down south then back to camp at Dingo Tops the night before the Bayliss Classic.

  3. ps, need to get no. 2 off you as well Marty.

  4. Bonville leaving at 6am
    We have 530km to route check and take photos so it’s a big day sat.430km on Sunday and only 350km on Monday.
    If you stay at your luxurious guesthouse down the road, you could visit our IT department and download GPX and pickup route sheets.
    we finish in the Dungog area Saturday Arvo at 530,
    I have 6 definite and 2 probable at least until they see the weather forecast, heavy rain sat/sun clearing rain Monday.
    I don’t cancel rides just because of a little water, but I have taken out most of the clay.
    You said once to remind you not to go riding with me in the wet, but it will be fine and if you go far enough, it can’t rain everywhere

  5. Sounds good. We’ll drop into IT headquarters late friday arvo & load up the route so we can toddle along behind & camp at Dungog with you. Probably swing west on sunday & head for Mudgee.

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