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Pottsy sent this one a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve been flat strap. Sorry, Bloke. TF
PS: It must be about time we all pressured Pottsy for another Poker Run? Who reckons that’s a good idea? TF

I don’t know if it’s just me , or if other people get affected by their bikes like I do.

Take last Friday. I had had the kids for a week after Christmas, to then
have a day to myself and the sky overcast – it was a sign that I should get
out on the DR. Especially as a good mate had dropped a new front tyre off the day before.

He’s been talking about how great this new front tyre is, and as he has a cupboard full of trophies,  one with an Australian title on it,  and as well he’s a very good bike mechanic. I thought I should go and fit it to my bike and see if he was right.DSC_1347

So half an hour later the tyre was fitted, riding gear on,  and I was wobbling out my driveway with all good intentions of just going for an hour or so as a test ride. As I’d just ridden the start of the Longest Day route a week before it was an obvious test path.

Now, the other thing I should mention is I’ve been experiencing a strange handling trait in the front of my DR recently. I’ve been trying different fork heights, rear ride heights, fork compression and rebound settings, soft and hard. So much so that I’d nearly worn the heads off the bolts and screws trying to fix it. So when I fitted the new front tyre I got out my scribble book of bike setups. These are notes of settings that I’ve liked in the past, and I set my forks back to those.

Now this is the funny part.

After years of riding Yamaha’s and Husqvarna’s I was so used to their forks. I forgot that the Honda fork on my Suzuki – yeah I know. It’s complicated – has adjusters back to front – ie: compression on the top, not the bottom. So I had been adjusting the wrong clickers for the last few months. Yep. I’m a Gumby.

So with a new front tyre and my suspension set back to where it should be I wobbled along the road to Dorrigo, and bingo! The DR was carving the corners better than ever!

I was so excited I overshot Dorrigo and even went past Ebor.


So then, there I was at the far end of the Old Guyra Road, with only one option: to keep riding.

Up to Glen Innes and down the Old Grafton Road and back home it was. With 510 kms under the DR’s wheels I finally wobbled back up my driveway grinning like an idiot. My bike was now steering better than it ever has. The tracks I rode were in the best condition I’ve seen in a long time.


It was  another great day out riding.

So is it just me who gets carried away fiddling with and riding their bikes?

I can just sit in my shed and look at my bikes for hours. I can sit over a pile of maps planning the next ride to places unknown. I surf the internet trying to find better stuff to bolt onto my bikes and better camping gear. I go out for an hour-long ride only come back eight or nine hours later.

Is that just me?


Oh. The tyre is a ripper,  a new favorite of mine. It’s great on the tar, and very good on the gravel.  It might not suit everyone but I love it.  It’s a Bridgestone ED03,  if anyone is interested.

Cheers, Pottsy

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  1. Hi Pottsy, meet you at the tip on Friday- Sauly’s mate. Checked out the website you said and there you are, writing stories- Dave said your talented- nice job.

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