Blog: January 18. Shagged

Why do my selfies always look so dickheaded? No wait! Don't answer that!

Why do my selfies always look so dickheaded? No wait! Don’t answer that!

Hey there, everyone.

I’m knackered. Not because I’ve been riding, but because I’ve been mowing. Frigging mowing! On  a perfect Sunday.

There’s no justice.

Perhaps there is. It could be payback for my riding yesterday.

I unexpectedly found myself with a few hours free yesterday morning, so I chucked the GPS on the Dominator and followed Marty’s route for the Triumph 800XCX release down to Taylors Arm. It was a spectacular morning, the bike was fabulous and the route is a brain-smasher. Really gorgeous.

DSCN0548Because I was alone and not on any particular schedule for a change, I admit I bludged my way down to Taylors Arm, stopping for a couple of pics for the blog, and generally thinking how lucky I was to be able to ride this fabulous terrain on such a great bike and even indulging in a little reminiscing about the Honda.

That’s enough gibber from me…but if you didn’t get a ride this last weekend, sucked in.

Pottsy’s offered a couple of dates that would suit for an Ultralight adventure

By ‘Ultralite’ he means 250cc, with maybe a 400cc or two thrown in.

Pottsy’s found himself a 250 and has a Safari tank so he’s peeing his pants to lead a ride for small bikes. Here’s what he had to say:

“Just going through some dates for the Ultralight’s ride. Is March 1 or March 15 any good ? Or I could do March 22 as well.

“I was going to try and do two separate rides. The first one to keep the novice/younger riders separate. I know some of them are a bit intimidated by going with the bigger bikes. If we get them out on the first one and they see it’s an easy ride, and they would actually be faster than a lot of the big bikes, we can then combine the groups. Just thinking of about 300km. Nothing huge, just great scenic, leafy trails, and social as always.”And my 2fiddy: it’s only a WR250F with a 15ltr safari tank. It’s seven years old with a
squillion kilometres on it, but it still runs – just !

“I’ve been riding the loop I have in mind. It’s an easy day loop that’ll suit beginners and 250s. It’s just some older secret trails that we’ve been riding for the last 25 years, and it’s really gold stuff. It would even suit some older, not-so-fit anymore, has-been riders of questionable morals (haha).

“I think it will be good and get the next generation of adventures out there mixing it up

“Thanks, eh.


 It sounds like it’d be worth buying a 250 just to do the ride.
If you’re keen for an Ultralight adventure ride, post a comment here with the date that’d suit and I’ll make sure Pottsy gets to chasing you down. Let’s see if we can this up-and-running. The sooner Pottsy does the Ultralights and invites the rest of us what sounds a brilliant loop, the better!
Last week
Just wanted to offer a big congratulations to Marty H for  a great ride last week. Plenty of you offered congrats and thanks on the blog post, and it’s entirely deserved.

Always on the job. The clothes pegs aren't very high-tech, but seem to work well.

The trail was great, but it was the people on the ride that made it one of the best ever. Let’s get another ride that one together soon.


  1. Hey Pottsy
    I’m keen for the small bike ride,but only got my sons new WR250r with standard tank.what sort of k’s will we do between fuel ups?
    Maybe I could carry a 10lt fuel bladder if extra distance need
    March 1 is good for me!

  2. Also how good is Toby Price ,3rd on first attempt @Daker
    What a legend(go the ktms)

  3. I ride down from Warwick Qld just to ride in the Bellbrook to Bellingen area cause it’s so special.

  4. It was an awesome ride report Marty.

    I’d be in for the 1st March

  5. So it’s looking like the 1st of March is the go then.
    Yeah very cool you will be joining us on a real bike Gibbo ! Will be a total of about 300kms with about 200km between fuel stops . So it will be pretty comfortable for most bikes . But there are a few with big tanks if we need to borrow some fuel out of to get us all through , but remember fuel is expensive out on the trail – I think the going rate is a six-pac a litre at the moment. I have a few trails planned that will have everyone excited and will make for a ripper of a loop . Hope to see a few more there as well . Starting point will be in Coffs – Bailey service centre – opposite the showground . 7.30 am

  6. I just found me a WR450 and i have a big tank coming.

    Me and my boy (KLX 250) are keen as, any day 🙂

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