Blog: January 25. Shagged worse than last week.

EdBrown05It’s Monday arvo, Australia Day, and in the very best of Australian traditions I’ve been sleeping in my chair waiting for the cricket.

After a fairly regular week – which included a quick dash to Sydney and back on Thursday for work – I hit the long weekend. I had to be in Johns River near Taree until midnight, then I drove back to begin riding at 9.00am Sunday morning from Coffs.

As a youngster I would’ve thought that fairly normal. Nowawdays my fat, tired old body wants to shut down in protest. Hard and often.

I had an appointment Saturday morning with a rider I’d met on work’s web forum. He – Ed – had bought a KLR on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Ed lives in Sydney, so he flew up, took delivery of the bike and rode it back to Sydney. I suggested we could meet and ride some backroads for some of the way south. I thought it’d be cool if I took work’s KLR650 and we derbied around talking about the bikes.

Ed thought that was a great idea, but after we’d set all that up, I unexpectedly had to return the KLR to the office.

That was no big deal, of course. It meant I was able to spend another morning on the Dominator, and that’s always fine with me.

As I fulfilled my commitment at Johns River and swerved my home for three hours sleep, Ed showed what a champion bloke he was by riding from the Sunshine Coast to Coffs and went looking for somewhere to camp. He ended up at Thora!

I’m still not sure why he went to Thora, but it is a nice spot.

We met at the Urunga tourist info centre at 9.00am as agreed, but I don’t think I actually woke up until we hit Taylors Arm and I heard something about coffee. From there we made our leisurely way to Willawarrin and had a look at the Toorooka bridge before separating. Ed continued south and I returned home.

Ed’s 2013 KLR has just about every conceivable after-market fitting. It’s a great-looking bike and I think he’s the type of bloke who’ll enjoy it a lot. He’s not a dirt rider – his other bike is a Victory with footplates bigger than the Dominator – but he’s obviously keen and made of the right stuff.

EdBrown01To other matters:

* I see Pottsy has a few takers for his Ultralight Adventure Ride on March 1, so we’d best get into gear and get that happening.

* Marty has been whittling away at the Triumph 800 release ride and it’s looking like another great disc is about to hit the press.

* Karen and Dave Ramsay have sent in some pics from the ride were we all on a couple of weeks ago. Karen and Dave started with us, but kept going for some days after we left them at Barrington Tops Trail Bike Tours. I’ll post that material as soon as I get a moment.

Coming up is another regulation work week, then the overnighter for the Adventure Film Festival on February nine and 10, leaving from Wauchope on Monday morning.

That’s all I have time for this week. Time to catch up on some more sleep in front of the cricket.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Snore, snore, snore!


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  1. Thanks Tom for taking me through some great roads to some beautiful and interesting places.

    I may not be a dirt rider YET, but spending just a couple of hours with you, your love of the bikes and the places they can take you, is enough to convince anyone to put in the time and effort to experience what is out there and where that road goes.

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