Blog: February 2. Ultralight Adventure ride confirmed.

The date for Pottsy’s Ultralight Adventure is confirmed at March 1.

If you have a tiddler – 250cc or thereabouts – and want to ride with a batch of other small bikes, Pottsy has a loop in mind, and it’ll be designed with 250s in mind. If it’s a Pottsy loop, you can be guaranteed it’ll be excellent riding. You can also be fairly sure there’ll be a heap of laughs and good fun going on the whole time.

LongestDay09_050At this stage I don’t have details of a departure point or other details. Pottsy lofted a few of those things at me, but I’ll get him to post concrete details and we can all get set up.

I don’t have a 250cc bike, so I’ll have to see if I can help somewhere with a support vehicle or some other logistics. We’ll see. Pottsy also alluded to his 250 WRF having had a few difficulties, but he’s sure it’ll be ready by March 1.

We had a few replies last week, but if you’re keen, make sure we know who you are and we’ll get some updates happening.

Otherwise I haven’t done any riding this week.

It’s been a busy week at my desk, and I gave my back a bit of wrench at some stage – I’m not sure where or when – and it’s needed some rest. So I don’t have much to tell.

This coming week looks good, though. The Triumph guys are coming to Coffs to preride the 800XCX release course, and Marty H and I will tag along with them. Neither of us gets to ride the new 800 on the preride, but there’ll be one there, and if they don;’ watch it very closely, anything could happen!

Photographer Wilko has the honour of running the new bike, but someone will have to jump on it for Wilko to shoot. It’ll probably be Triumph’s marketing manager Mark Berger…as long as nothing happens to him…if you know what we mean. It’s dangerous stuff, preparing for a ride.

We’ll see.

After the Triumph ride things come thick and fast for a couple of weeks. I was lucky enough to get some time with Toby Price for work, then there’s the Film Festival ride and then the Triumph 800XCX release.

So there’s plenty coming up.

Just as a thought, I started geotagging images for work, and most of the images on the site will now be geotagged. If you want to know where the pics were taken, and perhaps find your way to the location, here’s what you can do:

* Right click on the image and save it somewhere on your computer

* Go to
* Upload the image to the website. It’ll show on Google Maps where the camera was when the image was taken. You can zoom in to very close to the exact location.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 3.42.29 pmIt won’t be all the images, only the recent ones, and probably only the ones from me. And of course it’ll be only the outdoor shots. You’ll have to try the ones that grab your eye and see if they’re tagged or not.

More next week.


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