The Ultralight Adventure

DSC_1430 Pottsy writes…
“How does meeting at 7.30am at the Bailey Centre servo,  opposite the showground, sound to everyone? We’ll  leave at 8.00am.
“I’ve been reliably informed there is great coffee there so that should keep a few happy.
“The longest distance between fuel stops will be about 130km, so that will allow most standard
fuel tanks to make the distance.
“I think the ultralight class could go up to 400 cc capacity.  That will allow XR400s and DRZ400s to come out and play with us. Get a few more out there with us trying yo get lost!
“There will be great scenery and a few surprises along the way.  I went and personally sampled some of the home-cooked biscuits and slices at Tyringham shop today for quality control purposes!  Plus, if we get a good flow on and have time there’s a very special section I would like to put in near the end that will have everyone wetting their pants with glee!
“So I hope to get a few other bikes along.
“If people could email Tom so we can get an idea of numbers it would be great.
“See you all there.”
We’ve already had a few respond, so if you haven’t already, now’s the time to put your hand up.
RIDER’S WHO HAVE SIGNED UP (If I’ve missed you, e-mail me again. TF):
* Jonah and nephew
* Gibbo
* Nigel Locke
* Meg
* Cousin Matthew and Cousin Chris (50/50 chance)
* Chris Laan has volunteered to run his ute as sweep. He’s a top bloke!

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