Blog: February 16. Triumph

TigerXCX LaunchDVDCoverGood morning everyone.

It’s Monday morning, so I’m only just blogging on time.

I had a small accident last week and cut my finger. It’s only a very small injury, but it’s enough to keep me off a bike for a while, so I haven’t much to report from the riding front this week.

What I’m very happy to report though, is a huge success for Marty – and me too, I suppose – in successfully signing up Triumph as a client of DualSport Australia, and for delivering a disc in record time.

The short lead time meant there were a few hiccups, and the weather meant we hit a false neutral last week, but Marty dealt with it all, and the disc looks horn.

That’s a pretty big coup for a couple of small-time country boys, so I think we can enjoy a little glow of pride over the deal.

Pottsy’s Ultrlite Adventure is next up, and we have a few starters lined up, I see. Chris Laan, who’s always the first bloke to offer all kinds of help with any riding venture, has volunteered to sweep in his ute, so it’s looking like being a really great day. Just flick through the posts here to find the details and who’s signed up.

That’ll do for this week. I have a fairly busy week, but I’ll fill you in next weekend.

I have a story and some pics here from Marty, and I’ll post them as soon as I have a moment.


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