Ultralight preride

Meg has been riding with Pottsy, and they took in some of the Ultralight Adventure loop. Here’s how Meg saw the day…

Pottsy suggested a short ride last Sunday. Taking in a bit of the Ultralight loop to get my confidence up, a new fishing hole he thought we should try out and some nice leafy tracks.

“A nice quick one” he said.

“We’ll be back by lunch” he said. “There’s just one little section that is a bit harder than what you’ve been doing. It’s a little bit rocky, but its no more than 100m. You’ll be right. It’s only 100m, not too bad, then nice open leafy tracks”.
‘Right. Got it,’ I thought. Knowing Pottsy and his tendency to ‘have a nice short ride’ I aimed to be home by 1.00pm. 2.00pm at the latest. Only 100m of tricky stuff, then the promise of a nice, cruisey ride – I could deal with that.We headed off from Coramba. Pottsy was running in his WR250F after it’d had been having some sort of engine troubles (I’m sure he explained it to me but it went all over my head. I smiled and nodded, and it seemed to work). I was on my little DRZ250.

“Just 100m of hard stuff?” I reminded him.
“Yep. Not even that. If in doubt, just throttle out,” he advised.
And with that we headed up the mountain towards Ulong.

The blinker was on before I was expecting it, and as I saw the track my heart was in my throat. There was no way I was going to make it across the first washout, let alone up this rocky bastard. What the hell was he thinking? I can’t ride this! Throttle on, head up, head up, just 100 metres. It’s just a 100 metres. It’s just a 100 metres. This was NOT 100 metres! But there was no damn way I was going to stop and have to go back down it again.

We pulled up back down the other side. Pottsy was off his bike, waiting for me. He looked a little sheepish. He certainly stayed outside hitting distance.  “It’s a bit more washed out then I remember” he mused.
“A lot more rocky. I might make that a challenge section when we come back through on the Ultralights”.

But it was all smooth sailing from there, right? Nice leafy trails. Right?

Well, the next section brought a wet clay track with a muddy washout for an entry, a scramble to the fishing hole and me swallowing a mouth full of seeds after spearing off the track and into head-high seteria (my first reaction was to spit it out – not a great idea when you’re wearing a helmet…)We reached gorgeous Mobong Falls for a drink,  a catch-up chat and split a vanilla slice from Coramba store. It was 2.30pm before we decided to roll on. Pottsy rode his bike and then mine across the top of Mobing Falls. “We could swing by Platypus,”  he started, “maybe go down to… ”

But it was getting on and I had housework waiting for me at home, so we headed back to Coffs. Along the way we swapped bikes, Pottsy holding his bike upright until I got rolling as I couldn’t reach the ground. This was probably the most nerve-racking part of the day for me. I’ve only ever been on my own bike, and about an hour on the road on another DR. The WR250F rode and handled so differently on the gravel, and that power could get very addictive. It was with some relief that I was able to hand it back and slip back into my comfort zone of the little DR.

So that nice, easy Sunday ride he promised? It terrified me at the time but I’ve had that nice ache in my muscles from standing up on the pegs and the thought of the ride has kept me smiling all week. Bring on the Ultralight ride!

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  • pottsy on February 23, 2015 at 12:42 pm said:

    Hey the sun was still up when we got home , and you and your DRZ got home in one piece so I call it a good day out – and I did say we would be home by 12 , I just didn’t say if it would be AM or PM

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