Blog: March 1. Summer’s shot.

It’s the first day of…Autumn, I think. Summer’s finished, so it’s whatever comes next.

That’s good in a way, because it should mean temperatures will moderate, and after yesterday – Saturday – in Grafton, I need it to moderate to buggery somewhere 10 degrees lower. I haven’t been in leathers for over a year, and yesterday I sweated buckets on what really wasn’t an overly hot day.

I took my new little road racer up to a practice and tune day at the Grafton hillclimb track. The bike is mechanically pretty good, but the ergos badly need some adjustment. Before I get started on anything else – like the rear brake not working – I reckon there’s probably a couple of seconds a lap in just sorting out a more comfortable riding position. People are often amazed at what a difference that can make, but I still think very few who haven’t raced appreciate just what a huge bearing a comfortable riding position has on lap times, especially for a not-very-good rider (like me).

So I’m hoping Craig Murcott will have time to have a look at few things before the race season kicks off with a first round in April.

Meanwhile, I wandered in to have a look at the start of the Ultralite Adventure this morning, and Pottsy had a dozen starters. It was a likely looking crew, too!

IMG_2162There were a couple of cameras and a few capable writers there, so hopefully someone sends a ride report.

Marty H scribbled ‘250’ on a piece of tape on his DR and said that meant he qualified.

IMG_2161There were some very nice bikes there, including a Husaberg 300 and a CRM250. It should be a great day.

I’ve been having a first look at work’s Triumph 800XCx. I love the bike to bits, but the complexity of the new bikes can be a bit daunting.

The airfilter is a paper, dealer-service item, and this bike runs an oiled-foam prefilter. I need to know how difficult it’s going to be to swap, so I pulled it out this morning and gave it the treatment. It was a pain, but I think that’s mostly because it was the first time. I’ll practice it some and see how I end up.

I also fitted a hard-wired power supply for the GPS. The Triumph guys warned me removing the tank was a bit of a pest, and they were right. I won’t doing that again in a hurry.

At least I shouldn’t need to.

I have a really full-on month set up for March. I’ll try and keep up!


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