Ultralite Adventure: The early word.

1st march 2015 216 From Pottsy
I think the ultra light ride was a success, I will do a proper report in a few days but briefly…
Marty was up to his old tricks and he lost one of the Lismore boys, but we found him quickly. Briggsvale road was at its slippery best, there was green moss on the red clay. We bumped into Matt Osland at Tyringham.Care should be made when fitting Acerbis long-range tanks. Ask Jonah about leaking radiators.

Nick from Lismore washed his headlight in a creek, which was so successful he then decided to wash the inside of his airbox, carby and exhaust pipe.1st march 2015 241We all got home safe with big smiles and everyone keen to do it all again soon.

1st march 2015 238Cheers Pottsy

From Marty

Pottsy is going to do a ride report but for my two cents I’ll add…

When Pottsy said the tracks were nice and flowing, at times it felt like he meant that water was flowing over the moss-covered clay recently. ‘Slippery’ was an understatement.

After the ribbing Pottsy gave me over losing my riders the other day, I tried to return the favour by cunningly telling the cornerman that was all the riders when one was stuck on a hill. But Pottsy or Mal actually still found him…foiled again.

Great ride Pottsy, and thanks for not being too strict on the 250cc part.

Here’s a link to the day’s photos. Feel free to download a picture of Gibbo in his white boots for your calendar – or any of the better photos (the ones without Gibbo).


(Copy-and-paste it into your address bar – TF)

PS: I hope you guys didn’t get wet. That storm while relaxing on Ozzo’s veranda was a beauty. So much for reformed, anyway it is the thought that counts.

Marty HC


  1. I do think I’m rather sad (not)that our bikes are legitimately to big for Pottsy’s 250cc ride. Well done to those that survived !

  2. Great day out thanks Pottsy, I really enjoyed the second half of the ride,fantastic tracks(or maybe it was the peace and quite of not having MartyHC there in the afternoon,lol)All in all a good crew to ride with ,thanks again!

  3. Ah Gibbo, There was plenty room 3 abreast because they were all little bikes.

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