Dakar starts tonight! 6 January, 2013


It’s the new year and I guess a lot of us will start planning our riding for 2013.

Most dualsporters will probably jump on their bikes and head off whenever it suits during the year. That’s the huge attraction of dualsporting: the roads and sights are always there, the bike’s always there, and whenever some time presents itself a rider can do a ring-around and head out for a morning, a day or a weekend.

There’ll be plenty who look forward to one big ride each year. The annual holidays will be given over, at least in part, to the “big” ride planned for the year, and the preparation and organisation is a huge part of the fun. The APC Rally will be on a lot of riders’ lists, and deservedly so.

Off the bike, one of the high points of each year is the Dakar, and the highlights package on SBS each night is really done well. It’s an overview of all the divisions – cars, trucks, quads and bikes – and the coverage is spectacularly good. The camera work is exceptional, with obvious professionals operating from helicopters and on the ground, and sensible interviews with the top runners. Catch the highlights each night at 5.30pm on SBS ONE.

If you’re really panting to stay in touch, log on to www.dakar.com for a live feed and huge cache of information.

Got a big ride planned for this year? What is it? The APC Rally? The Scrapheap Challenge? Cape York? Phillip Island? Cameron Corner?

Let us know. Share it with people who understand what you’re doing and why you doing it.

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