Blog: March 23. A day off!

It’s Sunday morning, and due to some bad weather I find myself with an unexpected day off. It’s a relief after a hectic couple of weeks which haven’t included much riding.

I’ve had plenty going on, just not much of it actually riding.

The best ride this last week was a trip in to see Paul and Cindy at RadGuard. I took work’s 800XCx so the RadGuard guys could fit a radiator guard and shoot some pics and video for their website. Any visit to RadGuard is a visit to look forward to, and as a bonus Ray and his Cagiva dropped in while I was there. It was great to catch up with those guys and to ride away with a RadGuard radiator guard in place.

RadGuard10The Triumph comes with a factory-fitted plastic radiator guard that actually looks pretty good, but the RadGuard replacement is the cat’s meow, there’s no doubt about that.

I also bought and fitted a Toruatech rack. It seems an expensive purchase at $204 delivered, but it’s a really high-quality bit of gear, and I think it’s worth every cent. It’s as strong as can be, and it lets me strap on the swag, tarp and fuel bladder. It sits straight over the stock rack and the fit is perfect.

TouratechRackI also dropped the new Suzuki bucket road racer around to Craig Murcott so he could start looking at how the footpegs might be moved to somewhere more comfortable. For the record, here’s how the bike looked when it left my shed.

IMG_2159Typically of Craig, he started looking at ‘things’. So far he’s stripped the wiring harness off it and chucked it in the bin. He rewired the bike top to bottom with a ‘race-only’ set up. I’d found a broken planter box behind the shed and cut it up to make a plastic sidecover to cover the battery. I thought it was a big improvement in presentation, but Craig looked thoughtful and, in a subtle kind of way, chucked it in the shit tin too. He muttered something about ‘polished alloy’, so that sounds a bit exciting. I have a flat-slide carby for the bike and Dan Vaughan is going to run up a short-pull throttle. With some new rearsets and clip-ons I’ve ordered, this little bike is beginning to look like a very exciting project.

Next race day is the ANZAC weekend. Craig and I have discussed spending this season tuning and building the bike, and at the end of the season stripping it back to frame and sorting out the presentation.

How cool will that be!

I can’t remember if told the story of how I left the fuel cap on the bowser when I took the bike up to Grafton. A new one was $12.39. A new piston and rings is $59. That’s some cheap riding!

Of course, there wouldn’t be too many bikes anywhere as slow as this one, but that’s okay. The biological component is pitifully slow no matter what the mechanical components may offer.

One thing I wouldn’t let Craig change is the seat. When I took it off, it turned out to be a cut-up council ‘Men At Work’ sign. I thought that was so funny I want to leave it there. Craig is talking about upholstering it, so I guess that’s a fair compromise.

Marty’s working on a new client for another disc, so fingers crossed we’ll have something else to feel happy about soon.

Meanwhile, I haven’t heard from Dave Ramsay, but the response to the Granite Crumble ride was strong and accom was all but booked out, so I’m guessing that’s going well.

I’m really hoping to get some riding in next weekend. I’ll let you know how I get on.



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  1. Hi Tom , yep had to share this with everyone . I went for a quick wobble yesterday , and yes it was raining. As I was minding my own business wobbling out Gleniffer Rd a few MX bikes popped out in front of me . One of them decided to show me his wheelstand skills. The first 10 meters were great but then over he went – flipped it straight in front of me . I almost crashed from laughing so hard , bits of plastic and shit everywhere, classic

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