Blog: March 30. Smokin’!

The mighty Dominator has had a setback.

It still got me home – of course! – but it’ll need some looking at.

First things first, though.

Marty HC and I were scheduled to spend the weekend shooting pics and checking routes for the upcoming ‘Fish’n’Ride’ disc.

Because I’m under a lot pressure from work at the moment, I woosed out of the weekend ride, and we tried to combine some work with at least a token effort at achieving something for the disc. Marty volunteered to shoot some images I needed, and we decided we could shoot them at a couple of the disc locations.

So off we went on Friday morning, with a strict instruction I needed to be back at my desk by midday.

We cruised along, checked out some locations and Marty got some nice pics of the Triumph.

Marty grabbed some great images.

Marty grabbed some great images.

We then pulled into Macksville for a much-needed coffee. As we sat there absorbing the caffeine and munching on a bowl of wedges, Marty started to look decidedly shifty and edgy. I assumed this was because I wasting time over the coffee.

IMG_2216It turned out he’d seen a couple of riders turn up on adventure bikes and he was preparing to pounce. Sure enough, with disc in hand, he leaped on one of the blokes as he wandered past.

IMG_2217They had no chance.

I was amazed when they resisted his sales pitch, but as Marty explained, “You can’t win them all, Tom…but you have to TRY.”

There’s a lesson in that for all of us, I think.

It turned out a pleasant morning, and I was back at my desk about 30 minutes later than I wanted to be…which is about how long we spent getting coffee.

The Dominator

That was Friday.

On Saturday morning Gav Gill had an overnight ride from Coffs to Port. I grabbed the chance to jump on the Dominator and do one of those no-camerabag rides. I met the group at the Wimpy – including Al, who was nice enough to introduce himself and say he followed the site – and off we went. I guess there was maybe a dozen riders.

Al introduced himself to everyone.

Al introduced himself to everyone.

For some reason, although we were heading for Taylors Arm, Gav headed west, then north, then willy-nilly all over the place.

"Where's the fg@#&ing cornerman!"

“Where’s the fg@#&ing cornerman!”

Then things became a little geographically disorganised when Craig Murcott led a rebel group off on a little diversion ride. Craig had agreed to meet Gav’s main bunch at a given spot. Sitting at the given spot, there was only the sound of lots of big singles disappearing into the distance somewhere out of sight.

Lean Mean Dean showed some common sense and picked up the separate trio and returned them to the group.

Still, there was some uncertainty over directions here and there, and there were even questions raised about Gav’s sanity when things became a little…um…less flowing…

GavGillRideMarch2015__008 By this stage the Dominator was observed to be blowing a little smoke.

It was just the occasional, barely visible wisp here and there, and I admit it did carry the vaguest scent of burned oil if someone inhaled the trace very deeply and thought about it. There was certainly no call for all the exaggerated coughing and comical waving of hands in front of faces from the other riders.

Anyhoo, I can take a hint, so when we hit Northbank Road I bolted for home, jumped on work’s Triumph 800 and hared after the group.

I acknowledge I’m not much of a navigator, but I headed out along Kalang Road and speared off into the scrub at what I thought was the appropriate point. I obviously made an uncharacteristic navigational blunder, because I ended up at a washed-out bridge and with a fairly aggressive entry and exit from a creek.

I gave it up and headed home to wash the two bikes.

So the Dominator will be off to Dan Vaughan for a look-see this week. My wallet’s sphincter is puckering at the thought of what he might find.

Granite Crumble

The only update I have from Dave is that the pub is booked out, but there’s still room for those happy to camp.

Dave’s rides are good’ns, so if you have the weekend of April 11 and 12 free, get out and live it up. You’ll have a ball, and probably an ANZAC bicky.


  1. Shame you didn,t find us on the Tiger as I was keen for a look. We did make it to Taylors Arm after climbing under & riding over a few fallen trees. Thanks to Craig & his trusty saw we got through Spring road & to the pub for lunch.Arrived at Port Macquarie at 4.30 as planned & all bikes & riders were still upright. Can,t say much about sunday only that it took 2.5 hours to get to Crescent Head on Point Plumber road.Plenty of tyre changing practice on a KTM690.

  2. Top ride even if all round the points of Gav’s compass!

    So where does Craig keep that bush saw?

  3. Down beside his oil cooler on his DR

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