NZ Safari kicks off this week – 7 January, 2012

Everyone’s going spack over Dakar, but while the hardest-core, mega-financed race teams are spending the GDP of a middle-eastern sheikdom to ride the rallye, one of the world’s best dualsport rides is about to kick off in New Zealand.

The Yamaha West Coast Safari is a glorious three days in the world’s most beautiful setting. The course suits all bikes and is fine for pillions. There’s ‘adventure’ cut-outs for those looking for a gentle challenge – and some truly spectacular scenery – and the organisation, accom and logistical support for riders is absolutely first class.

The 2013 course is set around the rugged west coast of the South Island, and it’s looking at past years that pushes the claim that this is one of the world’s best dualsport rides.

Pics and updates will posted as they come to hand.

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