Blog: April 20. Hi there!

AAAAExpo001_002As the title suggests, I don’t have much to say this week.

Granite Crumble went off like a bride’s nightie. Dave did a great job with the report and it seems from the comments it was a top ride. Now Dave’s talking about a ‘nad-shrinking winter run in mid-July.


Keep an eye on the site and I’m sure Dave will throw out invites when he’s ready.

I’ve been in Melbourne for work all week, and I’ve hardly laid eyes on a bike. I’ve been nibbling away this weekend at bits and pieces on work’s Triumph for a couple of rides coming up, but because Triumph itself is being so generous supplying parts, there’s not a whole heap I can do. Those guys – who know what they’re doing – will do the real work when the bike gets back to their Melbourne workshop in a couple of weeks.

I’ve put a frigging tankbag on it. Spew. I’m totally sucked in to tankbags, but still don’t like them. I’m pretty happy with the way the luggage is fitting on. I still have my fingers crossed the Safari Tank will be ready in time, and the folks at SW Motech have come up with a stack of hardware to go on it as well. I think the BarkBusters Blizzards are an especially great bit of gear. I don’t think they offer quite the coverage of the muffs I’ve been using for years, but they’re so neat, and so beautifully designed that I think might be just as effective as the bulkier Oxfords everyone’s been making fun of for a long time.

I took it out in the rain today for a couple of pics. It really is an exceptional bike. Here’s how it looks at the moment…

BongilShoot_013No word yet on the state of the Dominator. I’m starting to worry.

While I’ve been getting my pic taken with celebrities and swanning around Melbourne drinking my own bodyweight in coffee, Marty H has been hard at work – thank goodness – and has the next disc powering along.

I’m not sure how much I’m supposed to say about anything just yet, but I’m pretty safe saying Vince Strang has a ride on from Inverell on September 19 and 20 that should be a typical VSM/Dualsport Australia, blue-ribbon adventure outing. I have to work in Armidale that weekend, but I’ll try and put in an appearance at some stage, and Marty, Vince and Mario will all be there making things happen. Look out for the ride and get there if you can. It’ll be awesome I bet.

I’ve had a few e-mails from several of you this last week, and while I’m sorry I’m so slow to reply when I’m away, it’s great to see you all getting together to ride or come up with ideas, and it’s especially great to hear from you. When I’m sitting in my pokey little hotel room in Melbourne it feels good to know there are riders up here living the dream.



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  1. Think I passed you today down on Pine Creek way in the rain. The 800XCX all packed and you standing on the pegs, bike looks great.

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