1. Not a big fan of those karoo 3’s on the front in the slippery stuff.

  2. At least the wheels are lower than the tank so should have been possible to stand up.

  3. well if you are going to treat that triumph like that. leave it laying in the gutter like a of bit of rubbish . I think it needs to be looked after better . I will volunteer myself to look after it for a while. I promise I will treat it nice , take it for regular outings on weekends , show it a bit of loving

  4. Typical problem with all Triumphs, slipping over on their own oil leaks.

  5. don’t worry about giving the bike to pottsy to baby, it made you fall off and needs punishing, I can pick it up as soon as craigs finished fixing it, it will learn not to mess with Tom Foster by the time I am finished with it

  6. Marty there will be nothing left of it by the time you finnish with it , it would be much better with me thankyou

  7. come on pottsy, your so good at making/fixing things you could have it after me, just what you need another project

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