Blog: April 27. Triumph is repaired

BMWGSSafari2014_263You all had a good laugh at my mishap on work’s Triumph. Fair enough, too. I’m not backward in offering a remark or two when I see an opportunity for some harmless fun.

It was harmless, too. Craig Murcott had the bike ready to go again inside 36 hours, and now I’m the one grinning. It’s a great bike and I’m enjoying it a lot.

I guess I should ‘fess up with what happened to end up looking like this…

DroppedAtBarrington02I was on my way to Moonan Flat for work. It was wet, but I decided to head across Barrington Tops anyway. The pic gives an idea of the road being slick, and so it was. I was actually almost to the Dingo Gate when I felt the rear slowly wandering off with a mind of its own. Before I could think, “Oh-oh,” the bike and I were sliding along the wet clay, both of us making the noises appropriate to chunking into tree roots and partially exposed rocks.

The damage to the bike – and me – was superficial, but ugly (I was ugly before the off, so no difference there). The right-hand-side pillion ‘peg had copped a pizzling. Here’s how it looked…

PillionPegBentHmm…Even allowing for the mud caked on the bike, this and a grazed Barkbusters Blizzard were the only damage I could find.

I continued the ride, got the pics and info I needed, and was home a day or two later. I called Craig Murcott and he said to bring the bike around. The next morning he called and said I could come and pick it up. When I got to his shed I found this…

PillionPegRepairedCraig was all apologetic the paint wasn’t an exact match, but there’s big distance for the bike this week. The undercoat will do the job of keeping the metalwork in good shape until we can hunt down matching paint. I’m absolutely rapt.

I’ve been fitting a few SW Motech bits and pieces to the bike over the last week, and I have to say, they’re very bloody nice.


Craig’s been doing some amazing work on my little Suzuki road-racer as well, and he sent a text to say he’d had it running, so I’m peeing my pants to get round there and see that bike. It won’t be for a while though. I have way too much on my plate for the next couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, Dan Vaughan has had a look at the Dominator and found the inside of the airbox caked with mud. He asked if I’d submerged the bike. I haven’t, but it’s academic anyway. However that mud go in there, it’s made its way through into the motor. Dan will pull the top-end off and see how bad things are in there.


Marty Machine

Just before I started this blog Marty HC had sent an e-mail detailing where he’s up to on the next disc, and he’s smashing it! He’s even written a piece on the new disc and the VSM ride for Australasian Dirt Bike mag.

The guy is working like a thermo fan on a KTM 530EXC.

Again, I’ve done cock-all because I’ve been caught up elsewhere, but my turn is coming. In a couple of weeks the pressure will be on for me to sort out some copy and run through some of Marty’s images – which are getting pretty frigging good, by the way.


I reckon I should start saying who I bump into around the place. A few riders are either dropping in or showing up here and there, and I’m always glad to see great people.

This week Onesie Craig Wilson caught me in BCF stocking up on freeze-dried meals for the next ride, and I was out washing the Triumph on the driveway when Darren went knifing past on his XR650 Motard and gave me a wave.

Geez that’s a great-looking bike. Darren seems like the kind of bloke to really enjoy it as well, and seeing him on it lifts a bloke’s day…even when he’s trying to scrape the clay and crap off a bike in his driveway instead of enjoying a superb day of riding.

Alrighty, I’m well short of time already for this coming week, so I’ll leave you all to it. Get stuck in and enjoy this weather before Winter sets in.





  1. hopefully for ADB

  2. So how did you get it upright on your own?

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