Blog: May 18. The next disc is raging.

IMG_0441I’ve done no riding this last week, but it’s not all gloom and doom.

First, Dan Vaughan finished the Dominator, so it’s back in the shed and running as sweetly and as smoke-free as ever. Craig Murcott was doing some work and Dan’s workshop, and with those two blokes working on it, the result can only be superb.

The damage was bad, but nothing compared to what it might’ve been, so I’m glad of that.

With the Honda back in its usual excellent condition I turned my attention to the Suzuki.

I went around to Craig Murcott’s shed to have a look how things were going, and the work Craig has done on that bike is spectacular! I don’t have any pics, because there were a few little bits and pieces to finish off, and I’ll wait until its done to show it off. Even then, I doubt most people will understand just how incredible Craig’s touch has been. Now I can’t wait to get it to a track and start some real fine tuning. At the end of this season I’ll let Craig loose on the look of the bike. With the frame painted and some imagination and skilful finishing it should look end-of-the-world.

About the only thing I can report on this week is that I’ve been subbing some of the material for the next disc, and looks as though Marty’s building another cracker. I’m busting to go and ride some of the sections…except I want to wait until summer. I’m not too keen on New England in the winter.

The way work’s been going, I’ll be lucky if I get to go riding before summer gets here anyway.

So that’s all for this week. There’s a MotoGP on TV shortly, and I’m busting to settle back and watch the Rossi/Marquez/Lorenzo battle continue.



PS: The image on the blog last week was just a general one of me, not specifically me on the 125. Pottsy reckoned I’d cheated, but I reckon he was being a bit tough! It’s just not easy to find pics of me, especially ones that are a bit interesting. This week’s pic is from one of my favourite adventure rides of all time: Ozzo and I at Cameron Corner in 2006. It was first-ever big adventure ride and my first ride with Ozzo. Over the years he turned out to be the best bloke to go riding with ever.


  1. we miss you ozzo, buy another adventure bike

  2. Good plan – went through a bit of southern New England this weekend. Bitterly cold and wet, and its not even winter yet! Rode some tracks from the dual sport disc, great stuff Marty!

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