Blog: July 12. Cold.

It’s Sunday arvo and I’ve had a quiet week with not much to tell.

It hasn’t been an overly stressful week at work, but it’s been steady, and I’ve been at my desk beavering away and making the most of a little quiet time.

There was supposed to be a major cold front hit the NSW Central Tablelands today, with snow down as far as Armidale and Guyra. I had to smile to myself because Marty HC phoned to admit he’d found my experience of riding in France a few years ago amusing. He’d been as a jealous as everyone else when he’d heard I was heading to Paris to ride for a few days for work. With luggage restrictions and the weather forecast I only took summer-weight riding gear, and I suffered the whole ride with sub-zero temperatures.

I had a cold few days in France and only had Summer-weight riding gear.

I had a cold few days in France and only had Summer-weight riding gear.

Marty thought that was pretty funny until last Friday. He’d booked in to do some riding with Aussie Dirt Bike magazine, starting in Armidale on Sunday morning. He was looking down the barrel of snow and sub-zero temperatures, and it suddenly didn’t seem so humorous. He couldn’t understand why I declined to run down to Port Mac with him to pick up his bike.

Anyhoo, it’s cold and windy, but it can’t be snowing up there today. Hopefully he’ll be far enough north tomorrow that it won’t matter so much. I expect it’ll still be cold, but it shouldn’t be cold enough to threaten a hospital visit.

If it is, at least the Armidale hospital is really nice (this is experience talking).

Meanwhile, I haven’t heard from anyone else in the last week, so I don’t have much to update. Karen Ramsay mentioned in an e-mail that Dave’s next ride is looking great with heaps of riders signed up, and Marty mentioned Chris ‘Gibbo’ Gibbins has a broken leg, but I don’t know any more about that – it would explain why he hasn’t been making my dog’s day by blowing the horn on the semi as he flies past my house. Seriously, my dog reckons that’s best thing in world next to someone throwing a half-eaten burger out the window at him.

I have a very quiet couple of weeks coming up. I’ll ride the new Triumph Tiger800 XRx for work this coming week – a bike I’m really looking forward to – and the Aprilia Caponord Rally sometime soon, but other than that, I haven’t any events or rides planned.


Maybe I should do something about that.


Late addition.

I just had an e-mail from Dave Ramsay:

“G’day Tom
Karen and I did an overnight ride to Glencoe on Saturday (July 11 – TF).
Rode up via some of the HBB route and home through Ebor. Yes it was bitterly cold.


A couple of snow bunnies.

A couple of snow bunnies.

It took some coaching to entice them out to play.

It took some coaching to entice them out to play.



  1. Marty would want to be at Townsville because anywhere south of that may be coolish.
    50% chance of snow here in Warwick today.
    Bikes in shed.

  2. you call that snow, you should have seen it at Uralla, full cover and heavy falls at times.

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