Marty’s Inverell ride in September

DualSportAustraliaDiscThreePreride_016I’m sure I’ve mentioned it here before, but Vince Strang is doing a ride on the weekend of September 19 and 20. The ride will include the release of Disc Three: The Granite Belt.

Actually, I can’t remember if Marty told me that was the title or not, but it’ll do for the purposes of this post.

There’s a few people heading up there, and there’s a few possibilities once a rider gets there. My work is holding a ride up there on the same weekend, and the two rides will cross over at some stage (I’m sure how that works yet, but that’s what’s happening). Vince is doing a deal and for $35 you get a copy of Disc Three, a lunch and two loops from the disc. You also get to meet Marty himself, Phil Hodgens, Joe Brazier from Jebtech and Laura Jones from Suzuki. There’ll be a DR650 built on Saturday arvo, and overall it looks a brilliant programme. Get details here:

The details on my work’s loops and presentation are still a little sketchy, but you the blurb goes:

The inaugural Adventure Riders’ Annual Congregation. Come and meet like-minded adventure riders. We moved the venue. It’s an adventure!
Location: Moredun Ponds, near Tingha, NSW (not far from Armidale)
Date: September 19 and 20.
Guest speakers: To be advised.
Cost: $30 per person (includes camp fee, Saturday-night dinner and Sunday breakfast). For those who don’t wish to camp, the nearest town with pub or motel accommodation is Guyra, only about 40km away.
Exhibitors: Must be clients of Adventure Rider Magazine and supply three cases of Armidale’s finest preferred lager. Email
Accomodation: See for details.
Registration: Must register on the forum to attend.
Meeting points for organised rides: Armidale and Glen Innes. All rides will aim to arrive at Moredun Ponds at around 4.00pm. See the forum for details.
Register on the forum and keep checking there for updates.

I’ve had the first enquiry from someone wanting to find a group heading up there. Norm sent this e-mail:

“I’m heading out to Inverell on the DR650 in September for Marty’s ride and was wondering if you knew of anyone else who’s heading out there so I could tag-along with them. I’ve got a few days off either side of that weekend, so I’m up for anything. I know it’s a bit early to be planning, but from experience  accommodation fills up fast in Inverell – so I want to get it sorted soon.
“I didn’t want to hassle Marty. Reading the website, he seems to have a bit on his plate at this moment.
“Thanks heaps,

Norm’s obviously a nice guy. ‘Not hassle Marty’. Holy mother of Dog. I nearly fell off my chair giggling. Marty’s the king of hassle when it comes to selling discs to other people. Now here’s someone wants to give him a break!

Norm hasn’t said where he wants to start from or what he wants to do, but if you’re thinking of heading up there that weekend, and think you might have room for Norm to tag along, either leave a comment here for Norm to see, or just post what you’re doing and see who teams up with who.

I’ll definitely be up there that weekend working, but that’s the total extent of my planning as well. I don’t know yet when I’m going up or where I’m staying or what I’ll be doing each day, so I’ll keep an eye on things here as well.



  1. Wow, what a cool week, cool being an understatement, a first for me with riding in snow.

  2. Tom, your a good man for putting that email up on the site for me. Sorry i haven’t commented on it sooner but its been a full-on week at work.
    This is what I’ve got planned at the moment- I’m leaving Taylor’s Arm Pub at 8:00am on Friday, 18th, September and heading up through the bush to Kosekai Rd. up Jacob’s ladder, onto the Horseshoe and down to Waterfall Way via stop at Killiekrankie lookout.
    From Waterfall Way I’m going to follow Marty’s route from Disc 1 to Deepwater- lunch and fuel their.
    From Deepwater I’m following Wellington Vale Rd to Emmaville, then Strathbogie Rd to Inverell/Deepwater Rd. through Hurricane Hill, Kings Plain Ck. Frazer Ck. Nullamanna, to Inverell(enter north side) ride down Byron St. past Vince’s shop and into the CBD.
    I have booked accommodation at the Inverell Motel- which has off street parking in a very safe courtyard (bikes are tucked up in a corner, right outside the room). Room is booked from Friday night to Monday morning, 2 single beds and 1 double.
    Monday morning I’m heading down to Barraba with Marty’s disc 2. loaded into my route sheet holder and speading a few days making my way back to the welcoming embrace of Taylors Arm.
    If you like to ride part, some or all the way, give me a ring on 0402 748 070 or email

  3. Hi Darren
    VOL-3 has lots of excellent riding between Inverell and Barraba (and up to Killarney too) which comes with entry to VSM adv ride, it should be possible to get your copy before you leave to take full advantage of extra riding. Just at art now will have copies at beginning of sept.

  4. Marty – that will be great, the less bitumen the better. Drop us a line when Vol.3 is ready and if I can get a early copy and print out the route sheets prior that would save some hassle of sorting it out there but it’s not a biggie.
    With regards to my last comment above – about accommodation, I have 2 spare beds in the room I’ve booked,(3 if you’ve got a buddy your prepared to share a double with),i won’t judge. Cost is just under $50./night, less if there 2 in the double, the motel is right in town, 2 minute walk to town center.

  5. it’s not worth the money saved to share with me and at this stage I will be taking my wife and son to help so might even trailer the bike over, as slack as that sounds.
    As I have multiple obligations sat night, cars are more roo friendly after dark and taking my wife improves my behaviour no end.

  6. Spot on Marty . Not worth the money saved !
    Never seen you in a car !

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