Blog: July 20. Not so cold after all

It’s Sunday arvo and I’ve had a pretty good run this weekend, I have to say.

TriumphTiger800XRx_052Triumph lobbed a new Tiger 800XRx into the shed for work, and I’ve been able to grab a few short rides on it. It’s SO smooth! It has everything I love about the 800XCx, but it’s more road oriented. The smaller front wheel and tubeless tyres are an indicator of what Triumph expects the bike to do, but I gave it a little squirt along some of the forest roads I use for all the test bikes, and it’s quite comfortable on well-formed dirt roads.

It has hard panniers, and I’m not much of a fan, but I can see the benefits, especially if you’re not dodging between trees or dealing with deep sand.

TriumphTiger800XRx_042The biggest thing is the security. I left the bike parked in town with camera bag in one side and the tools in the other. I couldn’t do that with the Andy Strapz Expedition panniers. I couldn’t put the camera in a set of soft panniers to start with.

It made for a pleasant weekend though, that’s for sure. It’s kind of nice to be on a bike where I don’t feel I need to push the suspension really hard or find terrain to run it to its outer limits. On a bike like this one I think I only need to go searching for nice places to ride to and enjoy. Whether those places or on bitumen or forest roads doesn’t matter much. The riding is all about the pleasure, not the challenge, and believe me, the XRx is a pleasure to ride.

DSCN0936Moving on.

Marty H did his ride with Aussie Dirt Bike magazine and it sounds as though they had a few challenges. They were lucky Marty was there. When the ADB guys were saying they were stuck because of the weather, Marty was able to guide them around the problem areas and keep the whole show on the move.

So I’m betting he did well.

Meanwhile, I see Dave and Karen Ramsay rode up through the cold conditions to tag up with my boss and his Armidale mates in the New England area on Saturday. I bet that was a chilly one!

I went to visit Craig Murcott this morning and he’s fired up for his double Simpson crossing next week. He, Dan Vaughan, Phil Davis and Trevor are heading off to give it a shake in the next fortnight or so.

Everyone’s getting a ride!


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