Cat-burglar cat-astrophe

Dualsport Australia sadly announces that it’s been a victim of information theft of the yet to be released Volume 3.

Dualsport Australia’s Martyn Blake was quoted as saying. “I should have wised up when the draught copy went missing on USB last week, but to have the finished, updated PDFs
disappear again on USB last night is a bitter blow.”

With the artist away Martyn hopes to be able to recover enough information to start building a framework to drop the finished product in, which may lead to delays. Martyn also said, “The highly anticipated Volume 3 will still be available before the September deadline and was looking great and probably the best volume yet, which is a hard call with Volume 1 and Volume 2 offering such amazing riding.”

Latest news in!

In a shock discovery the first USB has been recovered from a treasure chest of stolen pens, smelling suspiciously of cat food. Police have narrowed down the suspect who, while having many aliases goes by “mongrel cat” at the moment. An arrest is expected around dinner time.

smug-bastardFurther searches continue for missing USB.


After trying to give the authorities the slip, the USB was found hidden in a slipper covered in cat fur. Mongrel Cat is currently seeking asylum on the wife’s lap. Arrest may have complications.

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