Blog: August 3. Mystery man

It’s a beautiful Sunday arvo, But I’ve spent the weekend mowing and washing cars. No big deal about that, except there was no riding involved.

OnTrailer02During the week I had to return a couple of bikes for work, and that meant a run to Sydney. I dropped the Triumph XRx back to Port Macquarie Motorcycles on the way, then climbed into my swag at Ourimbah before carrying on to Aprilia over at Revesby the next morning. I was sorry to see those two bikes go, but at least I can fit my bikes in my own shed again.

Meanwhile, I have to ask: who is it that who rides past my house on a Postie bike most days? He always gives me a big wave, and I feel like I should know who it is, but I just can’t remember. So many riders blow the horn and wave – a lot of them are fans of the dog – that I don’t know who half of them are. I always feel good when people do that, because I love seeing people out on their bikes and I like to think we’re all looking after each other. But I can’t figure out who that is on the Postie.

Meanwhile, Marty H has just left. He’s finished the new DualSport Australia disc, and he dropped in with the final proofs. I think it’s the best disc yet. It looks clean and tight and the info is easy to sort and use. I thought Marty might’ve thought it wasn’t his favourite disc because it has less distance than the first disc, but he’s crazy about the New England roads. I have to say, the day I rode with him was magic. There’s some really spectacular images on this new disc, including me looking as dopey as ever. I don’t know why I always look crap in pics, but I do. I’d love to blame Marty’s photography, but he’s become so frigging good with the camera that I just couldn’t get away with it.

Speaking of the disc, and kind of joining on to that thought, I think I’ll blow the cobwebs off the Dominator and go for a dawdle up to Tingha this coming weekend, just for a look around. I’m keen to get a look at the place before I roll up there on September 19. It’ll be mostly a road ride, but Marty’s given me the tip to follow one of his routes from Baldersleigh Road that’ll take me there. I haven’t been on that bike for so long. If the weather’s as good as this weekend, it’ll be glorious. I can see it now…coffee at Juan’s…coffee at Ebor…coffee and chips’n’gravy at Guyra…coffee at Inverell…mmm. That’s my kind of riding.

The new disc will be on sale next week. I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to buy it through the site here, but if you’re having any trouble getting a copy, shoot me an e-mail or tag a comment on the bottom of this post and I’ll have Marty come around and sool onto you.

Here’s the cover…


The Horses’ Birthday ride looks like it was screamer. Dave and Karen are getting pretty good at the adventure riding thing. Good on them.

That’ll do for today. Look out for the new disc next week.



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