Blog: August 10. I’m getting soft.

It’s Sunday arvo and I’ve had a pleasant enough week, and that’s partly because I haven’t done much. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit at my desk and chase other people.

Yesterday I had to head up to Guyra and out to a place near Tingha called Moredun Ponds. It was kind of a work-related trip, but it was mostly personal. I didn’t HAVE to go up there for work, but it would make some upcoming work a little easier if I did. The riding up in the New England area is fabulous, so I didn’t need a lot of convincing. On top of everything else, I was able to ride the Dominator, and that’s something I always enjoy.

But when I came to looking at the logistics of the thing, I just couldn’t bring myself to face the drone from Dorrigo to Guyra on a freezing-cold morning. I had to be up there no later than 9.00am, so it meant leaving home at 6.00am. That meant being in Dorrigo and running the ridges across to Ebor and Kangaroo Alley to Guyra while it was still in the brisk part of the morning. So I loaded the Honda on the trailer and towed it to Guyra.

Okay. I’m not proud of that, but I’m grinning all the same. The frost stretched pretty much the whole way from Dorrigo to Guyra, and there was still frost in the shaded areas as I was pulling on the riding gear at Guyra at 8.30am.

So maybe I’m getting soft, but at least I’m not getting stupider. I thought – and still think – it was a good move.

The run out to Moredun Ponds was really nice. I went out along the tar and came back partially following one of Marty’s routes, and on the Honda I was cruising and loving it. I really enjoy riding that bike.

Moredon Dam Road is good riding, even though there were a lot of wallabies.

Moredun Dam Road is premium dirt-road cruising.

Moredun Dam Road is premium dirt-road cruising.

I was taking it very slowly, so I stayed out of trouble.

I actually thought I’d broken a clutch cable at one stage. It didn’t feel exactly right though, and when I had a look the adjuster nuts on the clutch cable had vibrated loose. I tightened them back up again and was underway, no worse off.

I found Moredun Ponds, the place I was looking for, but the sign’s a bit how’s-your-father. You have to be looking for it.

MoredunPonds02Damn! That’s a good-looking bike, isn’t it?

Bless you, Craig Murcott.

Despite the state of the sign, the place was fairly spectacular when I got in there.

Moredun Ponds is a working fish farm. There are 40 ponds breeding cod. There's also 500 pigs and a paddock or two of sheep.

Moredun Ponds is a working fish farm. There are 40 ponds breeding cod. There’s also 500 pigs and a paddock or two of sheep.

Moredun Dam Road is on the new DualSport Australia disc, which Marty is sending to press tomorrow (Monday). He’s done this one in record time, and in my opinion it’s the best-looking disc yet. The photography is really good, and with New England being such great riding, it could well be the best disc yet. I showed you the cover last week, but it’s so frigging good I’m going to post it again.


I’m not sure who that is on the cover. I know Marty told me, but I’ve forgotten. It’s a DR650, so maybe it’s Phil Davis. He’s becoming a bit of a star. I’ve used a couple of pics of him on T-shirts for work as well.

Speaking of Phil, his group should be back from their double Simpson crossing. Maybe today, I think. Craig Murcott carried my SPOT tracker, but he hasn’t been firing it off very often. It’ll be great to see their pics and hear the stories. It was a group of guns, so it should’ve been a great ride.

So what’s coming up?

I’ve been slack with setting up another poker run. I thought last year’s run was good one, and we all seemed keen for another. Pottsy’s the main man, and he was keen as mustard, too. Maybe we should get one together. I’ll chase him up.

The other ride I have coming up, and anyone so inclined is welcome to join in, is a run along Waterfall Way in December. Probably December 1 and 2, but I have to settle that.

It’s predominantly a road ride, but there are some good little dirt loops here and there. I’ll have work’s Triumph XRx –  a road-oriented dualsporter with hard panniers and road tyres and so forth – and I’m planning the sort of ride that will suit that bike. It’ll be Summer, so I’ll mosey along enjoying the warm weather, the scenery, a country pub or two, and, naturally, a coffee here and there. I may even camp if the weather’s nice.

If that sounds like something you’d like to do, let me know. It’s a work ride for me though, so there’ll be heaps of stop-start riding for photos. Still, I reckon it’ll be a luxurious couple of days.


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  • Norm on August 21, 2015 at 9:43 pm said:

    Hi Tom;
    Mate, the poker run sounds great, if you or Pottsy need a hand setting it up drop me a line or a tingle. Even the summer road ride with a bit of dirt and camping chucked in could be good,maybe.
    Thanks Norm…..

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