Blog: August 17. Check this out!

It’s Sunday arvo and looking like it’s just about to rain. I’ve been for a rumble up to Dorrigo on my old Yamaha cruiser and I’m still grinning. It’s a great bike and I hardly ever ride it.

I’ve had a very quiet week, and it’s been one of those very rare weekends where I didn’t have any work commitments. So I’ve been bludging.

I was sitting on the front verandah contemplating the river yesterday afternoon when an immaculate BMW F800GS pulled up and a biggish bloke began making his way in through the front gate. He almost woke the guard dog. It was a hot afternoon and the dog and I were both a bit dozey in the afternoon sun.

Anyhoo, it turned out to be Chris Laan!

He’d been swanning around Cairns for a month or so, and while he was in Mareeba on a coffee plantation he saw an insulated coffee plunger-cup. The idea is for campers and travellers to make their coffee straight in the cup.

Chris said he thought, “Geez. You’d want to be a serious coffee drinker to need something like that.”

Then he thought, “I know a serious coffee drinker!”

ChrisLaanCoffeePlungerSmallSo he grabbed the insulated plunger cup and a bag of Mareeba coffee and dropped it in to my place on a sunny Saturday afternoon!

And it’s very much appreciated, I can tell you!

Remember last week I was talking about a run along Waterfall Way? And I said ‘in December’?

I’m not doing that now.

The waterfall Way ride will still be on, but we’re going to do it earlier. Very likely it will be for a couple of days sometime between September 7 and September 18. I’m supposed to Chris Laan those dates so he can have a look and see when he’s free, but I’ll hope he reads this instead.

December will be packed enough as it is. Fitting that ride in as well will be tough. So we’ll do it earlier and be able to rush less and enjoy it more.

Marty’s been hard at work on getting the new disc on the shelves. He pushed so hard the disc-guy’s printer blew up. Marty’s hoping everything will be back on track and the discs will be on sale on Wednesday, August 26. So get ready. Get your wallets out and be ready for Marty to come knocking!


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