Blog: September 7. The new disc is out

It’s an overcast Sunday afternoon and although I haven’t done any riding this week, there’s a few things to discuss.

First up, volume three of the new DualSport Australia discs is done and Marty has sold about half the first pressing. I suspect most of you would have his e-mail about wearing a track between his place and the post office, and I can believe it’s true. There were a heap of advance orders and Marty’s always busting to get the orders filled.

Marty will be at Vince Strang’s ride weekend on September 19. He’ll not only arrow the course for the ride, but he’ll hold an ‘information, question and answer session discussing tips on finding interesting tracks and getting the best from Google Earth’. That’s another thing Marty’s exceptionally good at, so if you haven’t any plans for that weekend, the Vince Strang function will be a cracker and well worth attending. They have some great riding planned as well, of course. Find out all the details by logging on to

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 3.56.44 pmIt’s a full weekend of great riding and all sorts of demonstrations and riding.

That same weekend I’ll be down the road at work’s ‘Congregation’, so I’ll try and get to the Vince Strang function at some stage, although it looks as though my time will be fairly heavily committed.

While we’re talking about Marty, he’s excited about the new video BMW is preparing. There’s a teaser up on Youtube, and it looks like it’ll be a very nice piece of work when it’s finished. Marty only gets a quick look-in on this teaser, but they wouldn’t have managed to get the work done without him, so hopefully he’ll get the starring role in the finished product.

Here’s the clip:

Moving on.

Every now and then a travelling rider drops in or visits as they come past my house, and I always enjoy it when they do. This week it was Andrea Box on her immaculately turned out Triumph Tiger 800XC – which seemed nearly as tall as Andrea herself.

Andrea, daughter of Robin Box, the manufacturer of Safari Tanks and Australian importer of Touratech among his many business pursuits, is a very capable rider and, like the entire Box family, and genuinely nice person. It was great to have her not only visit, but to stay overnight. I didn’t feel too flash trying to help her straighten out a few bits and pieces on her Triumph. When I visit Tourateceh in Victoria her father rolls my bike into his workshop and begins assembling all the specialised tools he needs to whatever needs doing on my bike, and he’s a very capable engineer. Anyone who knows me will know I’m the opposite…the opposite of ‘capable’ and the opposite of ‘engineer’, whatever that may be.

So with my shifter, hammer and some persistence we managed to sort out a couple of issues on the bike. Fortunately, Andrea was carrying a good tool set, including one particular tool her father had made, and it turned out to be the one tool that allowed us to get the job done.

Andrea headed off the next morning to have breakfast at Juan’s in Dorrigo and then catch up with photography gun Danny Wilkinson in Casino.

Next up, Pottsy’s been in touch.

He’s bought himself a Husaberg, so he’s been busy getting it into shape and riding it all over the place – he’s been doing a rebuild on his DR650, too – but he’s keen to do another Poker Run before the end of the year. As soon as I have a chance to catch up with him we’ll pick a date and advise when and where.

Finally for today is the Chris Laan Coffee Crawl on September 15, 16 and 17.

At this stage it’s all go. I’ll try and weasel my way into Chris’ work for a coffee and snack this week and see if we can get some details together so I can put them in next week’s blog. If you can get free on the days and want to join the ride, let me know. It’ll be an easy one, aimed more at sightseeing than challenging riding.

That’ll do for today.


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