Blog: October 12. A great weekend.

It’s Sunday afternoon late, and it’s been a great weekend.

First up Marty had put together a new loop, so I went out on work’s Triumph to have a look at it and get a few pics on Saturday morning while it was sunny.

The loop is for a ride we’re hoping will come good next year, but it’s not certain yet. Marty had done all the work and put together a great four days, but to tidy it up for this particular client we wanted it to start from the Big Banana. That meant a short loop to get to the start we already had south of town.

It’s a very nice section, ideal for the big dualsporters, and if we can get it happening I reckon everyone will be very happy.

It helped it was such a nice morning, and I shot a couple of images on the way around.



DSCN1196The only problem I can see is although most of us would cruise around there in an hour-and-a-half or so, I reckon it’ll add three hours to original route for the people we’re aiming at. That’s half a day.

It’ll be good.

That was yesterday morning.

Today I’m glowing because the Moto GP was such a good one. I won’t talk about the race in case anyone has recorded it to watch later, but I enjoyed it immensely.

While the MotoGP was on, Bathurst was happening, and I remain a big fan of Craig Lowndes. My son works for the Red Bull team with Lowndes and Whincup, so we were frantically texting each other race updates – he from the pits at Bathurst and me from watching the race at Motegi. That was a bit of fun. I’m lucky to share those interests with my son.

I hope to race my little Suzuki again in a couple of weekends.


Craig Murcott dropped by yesterday and we were discussing the build of the bike and where it was up to. I’m hoping I’ve solved my ergonomic problems – at least in part – without Craig having to build or rebuild any of his superb fabrication. We’ll find out on race day. This will be the last round of the season, and there’s a ride-and-tune day on the Sunday. I’m hoping Craig will have time to do some cosmetic work – paint and so forth – before next season. That’ll mean pulling it down to a bare frame, and that’s always a good exercise for ensuring everything’s in good shape.

Speaking of Craig Murcott, he has his DR650 for sale, and there couldn’t be a DR650 in better shape at the price he’s asking. If you’re looking for a DR650, you should look very closely at that one. It’s in better-than-first-class condition because Craig has built and engineered solutions to any problem the bike even looked like having. Not only that, he’s replaced all the bearings, brake pads, cables and who knows what else on it. It’s a dead-set bargain.

I’m heading into a couple of weeks where work will be intense, so I don’t expect to be doing much riding. If I do, you can be sure I’ll tell you about it.

Meanwhile, Pottsy has sent in a story, and as soon as I get a moment I’ll post it.

Check back in a day or so, and I’ll have it posted.



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