Pottsy solves a mystery

About a year ago there were a few comments made about riding a DRZ250 along Kilpotray Trail in the rain by a bloke called Mike. Then Mike commented a few times from other places far and wide up and down the coast.

There were questions asked around the mid-north coast and nobody knew who he was.  A few claimed sightings of a yellow flash in remote mountain ranges, but the identity remained a mystery – until last weekend.

So there was my mate  Mal, on his safari-tanked, adventure-prepared TT-R250, and myself having a quick breather at the northern end of Glens Creek Road when we heard a bike approaching. A fluro yellow helmet came into view so I thought, ‘Okay. Hardcore Marty is out getting lost again’.

But no. It was an XR400.

Then, as the bike rolled to a stop, a voice yelled out, “I know who you are!”

“Struth!” I thought. “This could only mean trouble,” I thought.

But the yellow helmet came off to reveal a huge smile from a toothless grin. “Gidday!” he boomed as he shot out a handshake. “I’m Mike”.

20151005_130337Over the next 10 minutes we worked out this charismatic old bloke was DRZ250 Mike, but he was now riding an XR400 fitted with an electric start and racks loaded with camping gear. He was just out on a wobble by himself for a few days.  Very cool indeed.

So we made a group of three then, wobbling west along the Old Glen Innes Road. I showed him a few of my Secret Squirrel sidetracks on the way to Tommy’s Rock lookout where Mal handed out corned-meat-and-pickles sandwiches for lunch. This had turned into a great day.

So when Mike said he’d heard of a new track west of there through to Red Range he wanted to explore, I was thinking that this day was just getting better and better.

Mike led us through a tight, winding twin trail for about an hour and we popped out overlooking Red Range.  The mailboxes were old, weathered timber and rusty iron – the day was getting better and better.

A few little skids later up the road Mike declared he was heading north home to Warwick. After a swap of phone numbers and firm handshakes we parted ways.

The identity of Mike is now known.

A few rides have been arranged in the future. He’ll show me a few of his Secret Squirrel tracks up his way near the border and I’m going to show him a few more of mine down this neck of the woods.

That’s the great part of riding adventure bikes. You meet the nicest people.

I hope everyone else has been out trying to get lost are bumping into like-minded folk and taking notes of mailboxes




Pottsy led us on a great ride, and it's best we show him in this hat, not his entry in the competition.

Pottsy led us on a great ride, and it’s best we show him in this hat, not his entry in the competition.

A quick observation: Most of you probably aren’t old enough to remember Secret Squirrel, but Pottsy’s continual use of the term brought a smile to me. I don’t know if even Pottsy remembers Secret Squirrel, but from now on, on this site, that’ll be Pottsy’s new signature. Secret Squirrel. It suits him down to the ground. He has the same a hat! – TF


  1. Thanks for the kind comments Pottsy.
    Heaps of secret squirrel stuff kept just for friendly adventure riders like you and Mal.

  2. Hey Tom , I do remember the secret Squirrel cartoon , and if you want a laugh watch the intro on youtube , one of his secret agent weapons is a cannon in his hat – if you think back to that longest day ride sitting in Macca’s at Inverell it will make you snort a thick shake out your nose all over again

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