Blog: October 18. A quickie ‘cos the MotoGP’s on.

It’s Sunday arvo and I’ve just sat through a nail-biter for the Moto 3 class. Moto 2 is due any minute, so this will be a short blog.

That works well, because I don’t have a lot to tell. I’ve been in Sydney this week at a Milwaukee New Tools Simposium. I guess they figured I was a new tool. I sure didn’t know anyone or anything.

MilwaukeeNPS_003It was an unbeliveable show, though. It must’ve cost the Milwaukee people a fortune. There was a full rock’n’roll light show, a humungous amount of catering,  a jabillion staff and everyone in attendance was given an Ogio backpack. The whole show ran for three days, and there was bugger all time for a break anywhere. I was extremely impressed! And all to present the new cordless power tools. I was glad they weren’t allowed to sell anything, because I would’ve bought pretty much everything.

That pretty much buggered my week though, so I haven’t much to report.

The main thing today is that a friend and I are going to ride a couple of days of Disc Three on Wednesday and Thursday. If anyone would like to join us, you’ll be welcome. I’m not sure, but I think we’ll probably camp overnight. Marty raved about the camp at Lemon Tree Flat, and my mate, Al, likes a camp, so that’s likley to be the plan. We’ll start and finish at Guyra. We meet at the Guyra Roadhouse at 8.30am on Wednesday, and hope to be back there early Thursday evening.

If you want to come for a ride for the whole, or part of, the two days, let me know. The more people the better.

Marty’s given a great head start by outlining a crooked route that takes in a heap of highlights, but the names of the sections on the disc aren’t the same as the sections when they’re loaded on  to the GPS. That won’t matter to those following the routes as they’re planned, but because I’m going to bob and weave a little, I’ll have to ask him to straighten me out on things.

That’ll be part of the adventure!

Moto 2 time!


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