Blog: November 2. Shh! It’s Longest Day!

It’s been a busy week at work and I haven’t done any riding.

I joined up – or whatever it is you do – with a couple of familiar names on Facebook, and I see there’s been some frenzied riding going on among some of the adventure-riding leading lights. Dave and Karen Ramsay look like they’ve been riding all over the place. Dave has a great pic on his Facebook page of Karen dragging away some monstrous log that looks like Dave has just cut up to clear a trail. Classic.

Pottsy’s another one who’s been riding all over the place.

Somebody rode past my house this morning – Sunday morning – and tooted the horn and gave me a big wave. I was a little slow to see who it was, but it might’ve been Pottsy. It was two DR650s, and the lead bike had a big tank and the rider was wearing a backpack or Camelbak.

I thought I caught a glimpse of this…



Okay. Down to riding business.

Pottsy sent an e-mail, and verbatim I will quote it:

Secret Squirrel reporting in.
Just wondering if you want to ask the question in your blog this week if anyone is planning anything for the Longest Day this year.

I was thinking of a similar ride to two years ago, but the Christmas Hat Competition might want to be optional.


Secret Squirrel

Those who were there will remember the ride Pottsy’s talking about, and it was probably one of the most fun rides of the year.

LongestDay09_014A bunch of us headed west on December 21, and when we stopped at Guyra Pottsy pointed out to keep going was boring, and he led the group on a frigging fabulous ride, including a swim.

LongestDay09_041The Great Hat Parade was judged at a Maccas (where one rider – Craig Wilson – appeared in a Onsie and had mothers and their children scurrying for the car park).

LongestDay09_061Anyone not feeling slightly uncomfortable at the Onesie had to deal with Pottsy’s hat.

LongestDay09_066He also had a very large adult appliance fitted to his DR that day.

LongestDay09_018He rode around on the rear wheel saying his ‘herd bull’ DR was looking for a ‘sweet little Cowasaki’ (why he owned the appliance in the first place I thought it best not to ask).

Is it any wonder the McDonald’s emptied so fast!

It was a great crew of first-class people and a really fabulous, unplanned ride. I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying themselves, and I think everyone had a laugh. I know I did. I still grin like a fool when I look back at pics and remember what a great day it was.

Longest Day is only seven weeks away. I was intending to head west again in the spirit of the ride, and I still might. But if a group is going to form up for another one of Pottsy’s fun riding days, I might change my plans. Maybe instead of hats we can embrace the Secret Squirrel theme. For the youngsters, the other characters in Secret Squirrel were his sidekick Morocco Mole…

MoroccoMoleAnd partner cartoons, Squiddly Diddly

squiddly+diddlyand Winsome Witch.

banner_604There’s a few unkind themes for the girls, there.


If you’re keen to join Pottsy on another Longest Day run, say so and we’ll see what we can get together.

Just remember December 21 is a Monday this year.

Coming up

I have a busy week coming up with work. It’s a little frustrating. I put work’s Triumph XRx in for repair at Port Macquarie Motorcycles a couple of weeks ago because I smashed the pannier off one side, and it seems to have upset the whole set-up. The folks at Port Mac called to say it’s all good to go, but I don’t think I’ll be able to pick it up for another week at least. Spew. I really like that bike.

Meanwhile, I pulled the plastics off the Dominator this morning and the sidecovers are both splitting where I hang on with my knees. They’re expensive little buggers, so somewhere I’m going to have to find time to see if I can jimmy up some kind of repair…before Longest Day, preferably.

Moto Expo is on in Sydney in a couple of weeks. I’ll be there, and I’ll try and get a few pics of 2016 models and anything else I see that’s interesting. After that I team up with ace photographer Danny Wilkinson and a batch of industry folks for a run along the Great Ocean Road. That’s a work outing of course, which shows I don’t have a lot to complain about.

I still haven’t spoken to Pottsy about a Poker Run, which is my fault, not his, but we’ll get to it. Maybe we can chat about it on the lunch break of Longest Day.

Dave Ramsay has a ride coming up. He didn’t send me any details, so I won’t post it here. If you know Dave and can contact him, get in touch and ask. It looks like another great ride.

That’s all for this week.

Keep the faith!

7115510PS: With all I talked about last week, all any of you could talk about was Rossi and the MotoGP. Cool! Don’t forget to keep an eye on the result of Rossi’s appeal, due on Friday, November 6. If he loses the appeal it’ll be an even bigger thrill watching him win the world championship from the back of the grid! TF

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  1. So as the longest day is on a monday this year and as we will only be going on a social ride , if it makes it easier can I suggest it might be moved to Sunday , just throwing the idea out there so more people can join in the shenanigans .
    And my funniest memory from the infamous longest day ride from 2 years ago, is on Baldsliegh Rd . I had pulled over to dress the DR up with the fist of fury, Tom rolls p to check if anything is wrong . As I bring the phallic rubber appendage out , watching Tom’s reaction , the colour drained from his face , he took a few stumbling steps backwards , and stammered ” what are you going to do with that ?”
    After I explained it was for the DR and he was safe , he was laughing so hard he had trouble taking pictures of the now aroused DR wheeling about the country side . ( and just for the record – at work we do maintance at the garbage waste facility in town , they have a large – pun intended – collection of such things , I just borrowed it )

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