Blog: November 9. Crap weather.

IMG_0887It’s Sunday arvo and I’ve spent most of the week in Sydney for work. I’m still a bit knackered, but I’m toughing it out to watch the MotoGP tonight. I’m still hoping Rossi can manage a miracle, but I won’t begrudge Lorenzo taking the championship. He had a rough start to the year, and I’m a great believer in the old observation, “A champion shows his true colours when he’s losing”. Lorenzo has certainly won a great deal of respect from me this year.

No riding for me this last week, but I had a look at Facebook for the first time in ages this week. I’d actually forgotten I had a DualSport Australia page. I’m not a Facebook user, so I didn’t give it a thought. Then when the renewal for all the site fees came in this week, I noticed among my notes the details of a Facebook registration.

So I logged on and had a look.

Thanks to everyone who accepted my friend requests, probably without knowing who was asking.

There’s SO frigging much going on on Facebook. Crikey.

So I see Karen and Dave Ramsay are right now leading a ride to George’s Trail that’s caught up in the wet conditions. They look to have a sizable crew, and they look to be enjoying themselves, despite the mud and sludge.

I also see it’s Craig ‘Onesie’ Wilson’s birthday today. Happy birthday, Bloke.

Pottsy’s doing his Secret Squirrel thing on there quite a bit, posting rides and observations about all kinds of things, and that makes me smile.

Back to my own desk…

The big news this week is the first full order of Disc Three is on its way.

Marty HC sent me an evil e-mail while I was Sydney working like a drovers’ dog. He mentioned the discs were on their way, then went on to brag about how’d he’d been riding and found it greasy on ‘Crozzy’ and had to ride like an expert to make it down there and everything.

I was stuck at a desk in an office building in Sydney, so that sucked.

Still, good on him. If I’d been out there riding, I’d’ve been bragging about it, too.

Everyone who’s waiting on discs, get ready for delivery this week.

If you’ve only bought a single copy, get ready to be hassled into buying another copy as a Christmas present for someone.

Yesterday was the running of the Snowy Ride, and, once again, I didn’t make it. I was talking to Graham Whipp during the week, and we’d agreed we’d try and do the ride together. Graham and I rode it together last time I went, and I was a little nonplussed to work out that must’ve been something like 10 years ago. I enter every year because I want to support the Steve Walter Foundation, so I’m not worried if I don’t actually get there. But 10 years! I should make an effort.

I have the chance to run the Suzuki at Eastern Creek in a couple of weeks, so I’m hoping Craig Murcott will have time to have a look at it before then. I hope so. I’ll need a thermos and cut lunch to get that little bike around a full lap of that track, but that was I first ever started road racing, back when the bikes were called ‘buckets’. I had a GS125 Suzuki and en evil, snarling little Yamaha 100cc two-stroke who’s model designation I forget, but both bikes had very low top speeds, so I know what I’m up for. They can time me with a calendar rather than a stopwatch. It’s a great circuit to ride though, so if I have the chance, I’m going.

The occasion of that ride is the media release of a new helmet called a ‘Vozz’. It’s not easy to explain, but instead of pulling the helmet down over your head, the back flips open and stick your melon in face-first…if that makes sense.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 1.29.31 pmI didn’t think much of it when I read about it some time ago, but now I’ve seen and worn one, I think they’re excellent. I can’t wait to try one on the bike. I met the Managing Director in a snackery while I was trying to not look like I’d swagged it in the van before going into the office (which I had), and he gave me a very thorough run down on the helmet, and invited me to the release.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed it happens.

No word from Secret Squirrel on Longest Day yet, but I don’t believe anyone else has said anything either, so I’ll sit tight and see what happens.

That’s about all I have for this week. I hope you folks have been getting some time on the bike, and you all have plans for riding over the Christmas break.


PS: The pics of me don’t really relate to anything in the blog. The pic with the CRF was at a Four Day where I was trying to get the bike through scrutineering, and the other one is me trying to deal with a busted flash in Phnom Penh. I guess I’m just remembering when I did used to ride quite a bit. TF


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