Blog: November 16. Life is good.

BackFromPort03It’s a wet Sunday arvo, and while I should’ve been out enjoying a ride in the forest, I had some other commitments that kept me at my desk.

Still, I picked up the Triumph from Port Macquarie Motorcycles on Tuesday and rode it home. It was a glorious day, and I really like that bike. A lot. Even though all I did was trickle up the highway, it was a fabulous couple of hours.

I’m still having trouble with the panniers. As much as I admire the Triumph company, these panniers aren’t one of their best designs. My demolishing one started the problems for sure, but it still seems the system isn’t as secure as it should be. I took the bike around to Craig Murcott to see if he could come up with a solution. He climbed all over the bike, looked at everything, then scratched his head and said, “They’re all flippy-floppy.”

I thought that was gold. I’m still smiling about it. It’s the most accurate description I’ve heard.

I don’t have much to report from this week. The Facebook group is on fire with all the people from Dave Ramsay’s ride last week obviously having had a great time, and that always makes a bloke feel good.

I have a few really busy weeks coming up, as I expect everyone else does as well. Christmas does tend to make everything a rush as it approaches.

The Moto Expo is on this coming week, so I should be able to get a few pics of tasty bikes for next week’s blog. Let’s hope so. This Expo is one of the ones that has heaps of events and demonstrations, so I might get to see something wild from a good rider or two. Let’s hope so.

Despite these few rainy days, I reckon Summer’s here. The days are getting longer and, thankfully, warmer, so we should all be looking at getting on our bikes over the Christmas break. Let us all know if you’re planning something and would like a few riders to join you. I’m sure there’ll be takers.



  1. Hey Marty, the AMA is here and we’re in search of suitably qualified/ experienced people to put together one or more rides for our adventure rider series (big bikes) and or the enduro trail series (little bikes). Deal is simple, everyone attending must be a member, licensed and riding a registered bike. Membership to the AMA is online only and just $44. The AMA provides the event insurance and covers all volunteers, officials, etc. You would be deemed an AMA event promoter and contracted to advertise the event and collect event fees. Fees are set by you and what ever else you want to supply to make money is up to you. The relationship is as simple as that. All liability lies with the not for profit and you get to make a fair sum. Could be as simple as using your existing routes and just supplying support and accommodation? Please let me know if this is of interest.
    Daryl Robson-Petch
    Public Officer
    0455 929 408

  2. Heads up for another shot at George’s Trail. 12/13th Dec, all welcome to ride up & camp at Wattle Flat Saturday night then ride down with the Armidale mob on Sunday morning. Very weather dependent as we found last week. Give me a call if your keen 0447788055

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