Blog: November 30. Upcoming rides.

Apologies to Dave and Karen Ramsay. Dave sent me the details of this ride last week, and between being away so much and trying to get things done before everyone shuts down for Christmas, I didn’t post it…it’s a lame excuse, but in this case it’s the truth.

There are some great pics on Dave’s Facebook page of their first crack at this ride a couple of weeks ago, and it’s looking like a really good bunch of people will be there. There’s still time to pack your clobber and head on up to Wattle Flat.

Saturday and Sunday, December 12 and 13 from Wattle Flat

IMAG7313Dave and Karen Ramsay are going to have another lash at meeting up with Tony Bennett’s Armidale mob and riding down through the gorgeous George’s Creek Trail on December 12 and 13. All are welcome and should meet at Wattle Flat to camp Saturday night, then meet, greet and ride with the Armidale crew at 10:00am Sunday. Dave and Karen will be running a ride out on Saturday from Casino and can meet folk at Cleveland Crossing on the Clarence at 10:00am.
They’ll head up to Drake then ride the Rocky-to-Billirimba forest trail, down through Spirabo to Deepwater for lunch, then Red Range, Kookabookra, Wollomombi to Styx River and camp at Wattle Flat about 450km from Casino. They should get to camp around 5.30pm.

The ride is very weather-dependent. If it looks like being wet the ride will postpone until February or March. Dave thinks it could be a good excuse for a Bush Christmas Party.

Longest Day. Monday, December 21
This was one of my favourite rides a couple of years ago. It started off one way and finished another, and the whole ride was a hoot from start to finish.

Pottsy’s leadership made it brilliant, and the people on the ride made it even more brilliant. I’m just waiting for Secret Squirrel to stop playing with his nuts and let me know what’s happening. His last communication decoded to read:

‘I am suggesting a ride the day before on the Sunday so it makes it easier for people to get time off work and family the few days before Christmas. Seeing as the loop two years ago worked out really well, we can do the same loop again, which, from memory, was about 760km. That’s pretty achievable by everyone, and keeps a casual pace to be sociable. NOTE:-  this message will self destruct in five minutes – much like a postie bike on the whooped-out Finke desert race track.’

Hmm…that is fairly straightforward. Maybe I’m being a little tough on the bushy-tailled rodent. I guess what we need to know is if anyone’s interested. Let me know and we’ll start planning.


I’ll post more details as they come to hand.

A Marty Christmas Party. Saturday December 12

Here’s another one I forgot to post. Good on me.

Dualsport Australia is having a Christmas party. Nothing flash, just dragging a barbeque down to the freshwater-creek swimming hole, slashing a bit of a curvy grasstrack path down and back through undulating paddocks similar to M.Bollens photos from an endurocross years ago.
DSC0277222 DSC027722It will be a BYO deal (feel free to bring extra Wild Turkey). No-facilities camping is available by the creek, and there’s even power and tapwater on the opposite side of the farm at the creek. Most of you know where Marty lives, but for those who don’t, just follow Coffs Coast east between Coffs and Bello and look for signs – hint: it’s near the bush and a mill. Needless to say this is a come-at-your-own-risk deal. Take care on the way to the creek and all Dualsport Australia customers are welcome.The riding on Marty's grasstrack is frigging awesome.The riding on Marty’s grasstrack is frigging fantastic.
WARNING: may be an out-of-control DR rider on, and off, the bike.IMG_0035TF


  1. Dave & I would be keen to do the longest day ride again this year if it goes ahead.

  2. I also remember that grass track from about ’93 , there was a Husky in a dam from memory so we all know how much dualsport riders like playing in puddles ! Might have to keep an eye out for that one

    I also emailed Tom some stuff for the longest day ride so give him a day of so to post it up . Hope to see a few f you there

  3. it was 1989, and I remember a secret squirrel endo cartwheel off a root, which you cut out for the race, hard work but someone had to do it.

  4. Sorry hardcore , I was still in Newcastle in ’89, and I was on a ’93 yamaha and I still remember you nearly peeing your pants from laughing so hard at my skillfull cartwheel over that tree root ,

  5. no worries 89 must have been a state round enduro, give yourself credit, you were going hard, cartwheeled, it was more than one, first time I ever saw anyone endo up a hill, exhaust completely packed with dirt.sorry about that root, if you hugged the right-hand side you missed it.Top testing, saved a bit of carnage on day.

  6. hey hardcore are ktm350s allowed on that track ?

  7. your always welcome nick, maybe some fresh bread for bbq

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