More Secret Squirrel

An e-mail from Secret Squirrel headquarters…

‘Well Squirrel’s had a big weekend.

He went down and checked out the dark side at coffs KTM. Those 1190s sure got his whiskers twitching at the thought of riding one along Baldersleigh Road.

20160116_113158But Squirrel checked his bank account and realised an 1190 is beyond his financial means, so he went searching Gumtree for something he could afford.  He thought about how Tom was having so much fun on Marty’s grass track on his 125. He saw this little Italian calling his name.

20160117_194016So now squirrel will be busy fixing it up ready to challenge Tom for 125 grass track honors at Hardcore’s place.

There might be an Anzac biscuit/125 smackdown challenge in the not-too-distant future.’


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