Vince Strang Motorcycles Adventure Ride: ANZAC Day weekend

logo_470057626_291012 Congregation_019On the ANZAC Day long weekend of April 23 and 24 we’ll leave from Vince Strang Motorcycles at 259 Byron St, Inverell, to ride another loop from the latest DualSport Australia disc.

With a similar format to last year’s first VSM Adventure Day – where we rode a loop from Dualsport Australia’s Great Ride series Volume 3 North-west NSW – there’ll be a trade show Saturday morning showcasing the latest in adventure product, including the new Honda Africa Twin. New, additional trails will extend Saturday afternoon’s delight loop to around 100km, and Sunday’s loop to Barraba and back offers either 408km, or 312km with the optional shortcut.

Fuel won’t be an issue with only 130km between fuels.

Although we had no complaints about Vince’s cooking last time, with Barraba having a choice of eateries for lunch, dropping the BBQ frees Vince up to ride along with us.

Vince is also organising a Saturday-night get together with guest speakers, a chance to socialise and more.

The best part is it’s still only $35.00, which includes Dualsport Australia’s Great Rides series Volume 3. The disc includes the weekend’s course, plus another 1500km of premium adventure trails to Killarney in Queensland.


What’s that? You came last time and already have Volume 3? Or you’ve already bought a copy?

You can swap for either Volume 1 or Volume 2 or ride for free.

You’ll still have to pre-register and get your purchase of Volume 3 confirmed (which is easy, we know who you are) and come enjoy the ride.

Sunday’s loop is a ball-tearer. There’s a bit of transport (both dirt and tar) to get started, but then the fun really starts with an undulating roller-coaster style of narrow, granite roads snaking through farmland and spectacular valleys into Barraba for lunch. It’s a lot tighter compared to last year’s loop, with lots of elevation changes.

DSC02826Tight grass tracks through paddocks feature leaving Barraba, then more, tighter, undulating, granite-laced roads with turns just over rises keep you on your toes.


There’ll be the option of taking the 45km of tar back from Bundarra to Inverell saving 100km and at least two hours, but the hardy souls who continue will be rewarded with fine New England scenery, rich in colour, glowing in its Autumn splendour and more fine, dirt, backroad riding.

There’s a handy accommodation link from Vince’s website – – helping with bike-friendly accommodation. To register or order your copy of Great Rides, phone (02) 6721 0610.

We’ll be closing entries a couple of weeks before the event, or when our quota of riders is filled, to allow the mail-out of Volume 3 and so you can get your GPS loaded and route sheets dialled. You can even join Volume 1 and Volume 2 to Volume 3 and use the course to ride to Inverell. Make a week of it!

There’ll be limited GPS loading available Saturday morning, but you’d be best to have it sorted before arrival.


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