Blog: February 15. Reminiscing.

As I foreshadowed last week, I’ve been riding a couple of bikes for work. This last week it was the ‘new’ SWM RS 650 R and a new DR650.

The SWM is basically the 2011 Husqvarna TE630 – a bike I did some time on – and of course I’ve owned a few good ol’ DR650s. So they both transported me to younger days and flooded me with a lot of great memories.

Bob Walters of importer Mojo Motorcycles blasted the SWM around like he was really enjoying himself.

SWMRS650R_061-2His own SWM is the company’s development bike, and it was an especially interesting bit of gear. It had a Safari Tanks tank, Barret mufflers and different gearing, and it really had a bit of a sting.

Phil Davis was his restrained, polite self on the stock DR, as always, but he still made the photography seem easy. Good riders mean just about any goose can get a great pic. That was good, because I was performing like a bit of a goose with the camera. I think I’m out of practice.

SuzukiDR650_064They’re both great bikes. They’re so good it’s hard to believe they can be available at $9000 plus costs. Still, this coming week I’m on the KLR650, and that’s the clincher that proves great bikes are available at incredible prices. I’m looking forward to the KLR as well.

I went down to Richmond to ride the SWM, and was gifted with perfect weather. The North Richmond/Kurrajong area is one of NSW’s most scenic. Bilpin and Lithgow are just up the Bells Line Of Road, and I spent a lot of time in the area both as a primary-school student and later on when I first started racing with the Hawkesbury club in the early 1990s. I’ve covered a lot of the territory there on adventure bikes lately as well, so it was a very enjoyable ride. I have no idea why I was looking like such a tosser in this pic with bike, but it was probably just a reflection of having a great time on a great bike on a great day in a great place.

DSCN1339Notice how the real riders look in their pics, and how I look in mine. That ought to tell you something.

I brought the DR home and Phil Davis was good enough to give up his Saturday morning and ride it for pics. Phil’s own DR is beautifully set up, and Phil himself is a great bloke to go riding with, so that made for a very pleasant morning as well.

All in all it’s been a great week, and it sort of makes up for all those weeks where I have to say I’ve been stuck at my desk and haven’t been riding.


logo_470057626_291012ANZAC Day will see the second Vince Strang ride day.

The first was a huge success, and it’s no surprise there’s to be another. Maty HC’s in the thick of it again, and here’s the info, straight from Vince’s broadcast e-mail:

“Hi All and thank you for your interest in participating in the Vince Strang Motorcycles 2016 Adventure ride and Information weekend.

To be held on the 23rd and 24th of April (Monday 25th being Anzac Day).

The expected format at this stage is as follows;
* Saturday morning riders arrive and register and browse displays, socialise and discuss setups with staff and other riders. The opportunity for our suppliers to give a talk or discuss product, maybe other attractions we are working on. The coffee shop will be on hand.
* Saturday early afternoon the “Afternoon Delight” loop an interesting 110km local ride mainly minor roads and dirt back tracks, about 2 hours. This is not a led ride but an easy navigation course downloaded from the DualSport Australia CD ROM (this will be supplied to riders at $35, it is volume three and has around 2000km of fully route charted back roads and other information).
* Saturday evening an informal dinner will be held for about 50 guests (limit of the venue) We expect to have a couple of interesting guest speakers and right now I am excited to advise that Danielle Murdoch has accepted our invitation to attend, Danielle is the 2015 Australian Geographic Young Adventurer Of The Year, she had an amazing adventure over 70,000km on her DR350 during her four-year trek from Brisbane through Northern Pakistan, Iraq, Syria and into Africa, her original destination.
* Sunday will kick off with riders departing from around 8.00am to about 9.00am. This course is also from the DualSport Australia CD ROM and travels to the South/Southwest from Inverell on various road surfaces, mainly unpaved, and covers around 400km with the option to shorten the tail end by 100 kms if the rider wants to. Barraba is a pleasant small town that has a variety of lunch outlets and will show up around hungry time.

The original VSM adventure/ information ride was last September and was very well received by the 60 odd riders who attended. The motorcycles they rode were predominantly single-cylinder machines and most of the riders were genuine adventure riders who used their bikes. I believe we will have an increase in rider numbers for this April event.

I want to be able to raise a few funds for the Royal Flying Doctor Service during our weekend and I think this will also encourage people, as many riders have knowledge of the service the RFDS provide.

I have only asked a couple of prime suppliers to VSM and if you are able to attend I would like to be able to promote your attendance as best as possible and as early.

Best regards,
Vince Strang
Vince Strang Motorcycles
259 Byron St
PH: 02 6721 0610″

Secret Squirrel update

(I report this stuff as it’s offered. TF)

Secret squirrel reporting in.

Squirrel has been busy of late. His love affair with the Swedish supermodel is over. Miss Husaberg has found a new lover to keep her happy.

But a bigger mission is at hand. Squirrel has been deployed to search out a bigger adventure bike. Today he stole a ride on a German lass, a big-boned strong girl, who called herself Miss Adventure 1200 or something. She took Squirrel for a ride and made his whiskers twitch and left him with shaking knees. It was lust at first ride.

But Squirrel has been sent out to compare the Asian offerings. The local Honda shop has a new demo CRF1000 Adventure, so Squirrel will report in soon with his findings.

He might even take a trip to England to flirt with the Triumph’s Tigers. Seeing if he escapes with his manhood intact after that will be interesting.

Stay tuned.







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  1. From the sounds of that latest report SS should stand for Super Slag, with the way he’s flicking through the bikes.👌

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