Inverell Scrapheap support ride Feb 9. We’ll be there!

Some of the Scrapheap guys are running a ride at Inverell on February 9 to raise funds for the Down Syndrome Association of NSW.  Anyone who doesn’t know about the Scrapheap Rally should check out We’re big fans of the rally, and even bigger fans of organiser Perry “Pezzaaaaaaah!” Gilsenan.

Perry Gilsenan. Legend!

Perry Gilsenan. Legend!

Perry builds flaming good bikes, and is an all-round genuinely nice bloke who can move mountains with just a twinkle of his eye and a big grin.

Perry's 2011 Scrapheap build. Awesome!

Perry’s 2011 Scrapheap build. Awesome!

Anyhoo, there’s great people tied up with the Inverell ride, including Vince Strang, so we’re heading up there, and if you have a day free, $25, and dualsporter, you should try and get there too.

Here’s the info:

Charity Ride Flyer

And here’s the course.


Come and say hello if you spot us there.

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