Blog: February 29. A leap year!

2013 Triumph Tiger Explorer1200 Victoria - NSW launch press  ride November 25th - 29th 2013 © Sport the library / Jeff Crow

The header should tell you I haven’t done any riding. I’ve even got time to notice I get in an extra blog this month because of the leap year.

I had a few days annual leave during the week, and that meant I’ve been at my desk trying to catch up all day yesterday and today (Sunday). What’s the point of annual leave if you have to spend your weekend at your desk catching up?


What’s the POINT!

I can’t deny it. The days off were really nice. I was able to spend some time with family in a luxurious resort, and it was a break I really enjoyed.

Meanwhile, Pottsy – AKA Secret Squirrel – looks like he’s joined the big-bore touring set. He’s the e-mail and pic…

‘Well, Squirrel is in love again. He’s added another Suzuki to the stable, much to his bank manager’s distress. Squirrel’s whiskers more than twitched at the sound of the Akrapovic on the twin. He’s never seen the point of cruising around on the bigger bikes, but he’s enjoying wobbling from corner to corner with his new mistress. He just hopes the other Miss Suzuki in the shed doesn’t get too jealous. Squirrel could be playing with fire here.’

20160223_214801The pic’s an Akro of course, but it’s fitted to a V-strom. I can’t remember whether it’s a 1000 or 650, but it doesn’t matter. They’re both great bikes.

I, meanwhile, didn’t get anywhere near a bike this week, except for cleaning up the KLR ready to give back to Kawasaki. The Dominator’s still with Dan Vaughan waiting for parts. The KTM’s looking a little unused again, and I should’ve been in Lismore with the six-volt Suzuki road racer this weekend at a ride-and-tune weekend…but of course, I didn’t get there. It sucks a bit, because with an unregistered bike it’s the only way to get any real tuning done. Plus the riding’s on one of the competition-round tracks, so that’s always handy.

Anyhoo. It didn’t happen and that’s all there is to it. If I don’t get the work done I won’t have a job and I won’t be able to afford to ride, let alone race.

I don’t have anything scheduled for this coming week, but something will come up, I bet!

I’ll let you know next week.


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  1. Squirrell broke that brand new bike straight up.

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