A ride report from Marty

DSC06823Gorgeous George

Sometimes a great ride through brilliant countryside with a good crew and no hassles is hard to write about

Good idea

Engrossed in a new project, I hadn’t got back to the boys about the Sunday ride, but when my wife started to insist, maybe I did need a ride. It turned out Georges Trail was the goal, one of the best adventure trails anywhere. What it lacked in length is made up by huge elevation changes, so with a meeting at 7.30am down the road I was in.

Better late

I was late, so the the boys rocked up to my shed at 7.32am and it was on.

The ride started with the normal ‘slow-and-steady’ blast out Gleniffer Road and Summerville’s with Craig tucked in close. It was too much fun.

We obeyed the new 80km limit up the mountain – honest! – bypassed Dorrigo to the east, threw in a loop west , refuelled at Ebor and bee-lined for Point Lookout.


At that stage relaxed for time, we parked the bikes and hoofed it down to the WW2 tank traps and tunnel to blow the road.

DSC06811Apparently the idea was to stop the Japanese at Ebor so after a short while they would say, “if this is Australia they can keep it,” and go home.

Well, that’s my theory anyway.

You just can’t keep Craig out of a good hole, and with the grid down from the entrance Craig disappeared.

DSC06804“T- shaped, with big metal boxes at each end!” was the report, saving us a trip.

The Dirt beckoned, so off to Point lookout we went. What looked like a wall of mist, making the lookout redundant, turned out to be rain. Thankfully it hit just as we turned off and we stayed dry.

Gorgeous George

Georges Trail is an adventurer’s delight. It plunges down, down and down some more, across the pristine Georges Creek, and climbs straight back up another ridge before dropping again down Petroi to the valley floor.

As we jumped down and headed for the crossing, a kind KTM rider waited patiently for a little black snake sunning its self on the rocks.

The water being so clear hides the depth well and it’s always a surprise to find it at the top of your boots as you churn through.

DSC06818Valley mooves

A longish detour at lunchtime had us cruising along Five Day Creek away from the Bellbrook Pub and steaks. Carrying plenty of reserves myself I gave no thought to the boys being hungry and certainly didn’t know how desperate the skinny Craig was getting.

As I passed a group of cattle lounging in the shade on the road a photo opportunity entered my mind, but looking back they were too close so I kept on going. That was a big mistake.

Apparently me riding through the middle as they were laying down caused them to jump up. Craig, sensing an opportunity to finally get a feed, nailed the most tender one of the group but it ran away before he could get his teeth in. He was left with only a few highlighting tufts of red hair tucked in various places on his blue DR.

Oh, well. There’s always next time.

Post it

The road slowly became narrower as we headed deep into the valley before what must have been the luckiest-Postman-around Track.

DSC06843It starts with a nice, wide, crystal-clear crossing that’s also deeper than it looks, with a lot of burbling from the bikes in the middle.

DSC06816That’s followed by delightful twin-track through grass before climbing over a low ridge and jumping down to Nulla Nulla.

With Taylors Arm’s better pub meals now out of reach time-wise, we hightailed it for a slow-served Bellbrook meal to give us energy to open some gates…oh, and wash some dust out?

It wasn’t dusty at all were I was.

Gateway home

With time getting away, we took the slow, scenic route south of the river. It felt like they’d put a few extra gates in on the road we affectionately call ‘Road Of Gates’, but it’s also a road of crossings and grassy twin track with endless corners, so it’s well worth it.

With the days getting shorter it was just dirt roads home, popping back out to civilization and the dreaded highway at Urunga after a brilliant day. It had been cool, it rained around us but we were dry, we had great company and fantastic trails.

What more could you ask?




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